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December 2016

Talk section by Mr Bishal Goswami An informative talk session was organized by JD Institute of Fashion Technology on the significance of Sustainable Designs and creating innovative solutions for a sustainable future. The talk section by Mr Bishal Goswami, the Research Associate at TERI – The Energy and Resources Institute. Various topics such as responsible consumption and production, energy saving through fixtures, efficient usage

Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish Our constant endeavor is to deliver good education and also to ensure that the students are exposed to the industry through various visits and talks. This time at INTERIOR DEPARTMENT we had a Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish, The Founder of CUBS, she is an Electronics & Communication Engineer from Madras University with an MS in Bioengineering from the University

Sustainable Designs by an Architect JD Institute of Fashion Technology organized an interactive talk on the importance of sustainable designs by Mr. Rohan Shenoy, Co-Founder of Build-Inn. The session revolved around topics such as the meaning of sustainability, measures adopted in a day to day design practice to contribute to a sustainable future, whether sustainability caters only to a premium sector and how to

Journey of Students - Jewellery Design The students exhibited their work and documents which depicted their 6 months experience. The work shows their transformation and evolution from the beginning until now. Their compilation of work comprised of Foundation Drawing, Elements and Principles of Design, Design Thinking and Process, Orthographic and Isometric Drawings and few of the theme based Design Collections. Journey of Students - Jewellery Design

Sustainable and ethical fashion by Abhishek Jani at Fairtrade Foundation India is a part of the global movement- Fairtrade International. Fairtrade is the world’s most recognized ethical label that aims to connect disadvantaged producers with businesses and consumers at fair prices. Fairtrade is also committed to maintaining high environmental standards thus promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability. JD Institute of Fashion Technology organized an

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