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June 2021

Gemology is a field of study in the jewellery industry that refers to the features and properties of gemstones in identifying the genuine and separating it from the synthetics and imitations. Pearls, coral etc. are also included under Gemology. Though it started out as a branch of mineralogy it has since become a science of its own. A person who works in the field of

Pearls are associated as an epitome of elegance and grace. Apart from the generic information about where pearls are procured from not much information is known about them. If one wants to get into the field of Jewellery Design it is essential to study about pearls. They are one of the most ancient gems and its use as a form of jewellery goes

The National Nail Polish Day is a gala day celebrated on the 1st of June. The day was initiated to celebrate the existence of the ‘Nail Polish’, a beauty product that enhances the charm of your nails. This day was initially celebrated only in the U.S. but today many parts of the world are seen acknowledging and celebrating the uniqueness of the day.

National Nail Polish Day, observed on the 1st of June to celebrate the existence of Nail Polish, a product  that enhances the beauty of the nails. It was started by the brand Essie to showcase the importance of nail-care season and increase the nail polish sales which had decreased over the years. It is one of the most loved and popular nail polish