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June 2022

Drawing is a visual expression used to convey your own thoughts and feelings towards a subject whereas illustration is a tool of visual communication for people to visualize and understand the subject by looking at a picture rather than the accompanying text. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology have put together some basics that you need to understand before you decide to

Acoustics is the entirety of all processes involved in the production, transmission, control, and reception of sound. Contrary to the popular opinion that acoustics is only used for music or architecture, acoustics covers a wide range of human endeavours. It plays a substantial role in deciding the energy and characteristics of an interior space. What is Acoustics?  Acoustics in simple terms is everything to do

Bathroom flooring needs attention and detail because you need to nail it right the first time or it is a tedious hassle to get through repairs and renovation that never fixes it right. In all other parts of the home, choosing floor options mainly comes down to appearance than function. You need your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office flooring to look great; functionality does not

Do you think it’s too late to learn a designing course? Or pursue a new career that is new and exciting? Well, here is your answer. Nope. It’s never too late to learn something new and it is never too late to pursue a new career. Career switches are more common than you think. Design courses are dozen a dime with colleges offering an

Haute Couture, the revered and famed term, is not just another section of the humongous Fashion World. The term establishes the brand identity and not anyone can pick it up. To be considered in the haute couture there are certain prerequisites and specifications, following which the brand becomes a part of a prestigious clan that not everyone can achieve. In the Fashion Industry, not

Purchasing an outfit is a fun as well as tiring job. Thanks to various E-commerce platforms our dresses are just a tap away, however even with such ease and tech at our fingertips, we have to consider multiple points before purchasing an outfit. What we wear speaks about our personality and to depict our unmatchable individuality, we need dresses that convey it well.  Our

Fashion illustration is the #OG of fashion designing. Every idea and every thread you stitch are born on the paper. It encapsulates the design element in Fashion designing. The transition from paper to the mannequin is only a matter of effort and time, from mannequin to the needle is again a matter of logistics. Let’s have a quick glance of 5 ways fashion

Professional Photography course with JD Institute of Fashion Technology builds a strong foundation for learning and developing a skill set that is both unique and personal to you. We offer students a singular opportunity to receive panoramic instruction in the photography techniques, aesthetics, and management part of photography through practical, experiential assignments while learning to use cutting-edge technology, equipment, and software. Diploma in Photography

JD Institute has a global curriculum which focuses on both theoretical and practical learnings. The Jediiians who are pursuing their Masters in Interior Design recently pulled off a successful exhibit where they put up their ideas through model making. The students used their design sensibility to curate residential spaces according to the brief and aced it with their diligent effort. Interior design is a

Exhibit of day 3 of the Mega Display series, highlighted the essence of design. Jediiians found the similarity between the design and ocean and ventured into it to explore the layered structure of the both to bring out one of a kind and interactive show. The exhibit consisted of Fashion Design students’ work and showcased the future of the design industry. The Day 3

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