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Who Wears What: A Look into Gender-Bending Fashion Clothes have no gender, but they often act as the means through which gender is distinctly expressed. In fact, gender distinction through clothes starts right from birth. That’s why infant girls are draped in pink while infant boys get swaddled in blue, and the lines get drawn early on. And, this distinction continues, skirts defining a

Give Your Hair and Makeup a Trendy Spin in 2019 Is your outfit really complete without the best hair and makeup tricks? Trends come and go every season, and to stay updated, you need what adds the right amount of edge and glam quotient on when it comes to hair and makeup. You'll see even your favourite models, fashion icons, and actresses spending hours with

Top 10 Interior Designers in Pune A well-furnished home with the flawless look is the dream of every homemaker. People earn for living. But, having a perfect home with the interior of your choice is one of your lifestyle needs. How do you feel when you are invited to your friends and relatives home that has excellent interiors? You will definitely envy them. But,

Top 10 Interior Designers in Delhi We have all heard about interior designers. Be it a family gathering or at an event we attended, in the India of today, interior designers are the hottest and most talked about celebrities in the market and there’s good reason why. A good interior designer who has made a name for themselves is well known for their creative

How to Become a Fashion Designer In the India of today, fashion designing is one of the most popular courses among students and patrons from all walks of life. And while most people might be of the opinion that fashion designing is not such a desirable course, we can confidently tell you that this career option has lots more to offer than meets the

How to Become an Interior Designer? Have you always been fond of decorating rooms and arranging the furniture? Have you always been receiving compliments for your interior design taste from your friends and family? Then, may be a career in interior design is the right step for you. A career in interior design is exciting for people with a creative touch and are passionate

Bangalore is lit with Christmas Christmas is associated with decorated green Christmas trees, carol singing, midnight mass, family get-togethers, scrumptious meals, varieties of sweets and rich plum cake. However, no Christmas is complete without a set of spanking new dress to wear and a gift to share. This leads the Christmas revelers to the malls and stores and Bengaluru does not disappoint. Stores and eateries

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative Creativity Never Goes Out Of Style. Not when you are a part of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, where there is always room for creativity with their design courses. Yes, you read it right. Being creative is a practice you need to imbibe in your routine. It is a skill that has to be learned,

Lens, Lights, in Action! Lens and lighting are two vital aspects of photography. The lens of a camera focuses the light in a manner that befits finesse of the image. On the other hand, it is the lighting which helps the lens focus, improves the clarity, and adjusts the luminosity. In the world of photography, the lens is the distance between a good view and

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