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Jewellery Designer Salary A woman is incomplete without jewellery. Female of every age group has a strong fascination with jewellery. The taste and preferences of jewellery may be different for each individual. Some of you may like fashion jewellery, few may have a fascination for costume jewellery, and again a group may have a strong like towards contemporary jewellery items. But, did you ever

Curation: History and transition through the ages   Not very long ago, curators worked exclusively at the museums, extensively researching the best ways to exhibit an art collection. The term originated from the Latin word “curator”, which means “to take care”. It was a term of exalted reverence, used rarely in another relation than careful selection and governance of aesthetics in a museum. However, it

Creative and Over The Top 5 Fashion Photography Handles to follow on Instagram At times when photography and selfies have become an essential and quite non-eccentric activity of our daily lives, how can students pursuing photography course, declutter the visual feeds on Instagram and craft a mark for themselves? One way is to be inspired and explorative. While many social media handles are instrumental in

JD's top 13 red carpet looks of Golden Globes 2018 Black was the colour which dominated the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. The winners and others turned up in black as a support to the Time Up movement (The movement founded Hollywood stars in response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case) showing solidarity with the victims of sexual assault and as a mark of

The Imperative of International Exposure in Imagination “Don’t limit your Creativity, travel extensively, get Inspired …Let your inspiration and Imagination talk…” We all want uniqueness or “one of a kind thing” in our creations, but the question is that in today’s global world is it easy for us to be in one city and try to rule the world with our creations and imaginations. Years

RC Dalal - Founder and Executive Director of JD Institute Fashion Technology “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi Mr RC Dalal, an icon and a pioneer in Fashion and Arts Education was the enigmatic Founder and Executive Director of JD Institute Fashion Technology, India. A man of exuberance and charisma, he touched the lives of innumerable people and

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