BSc. in Interior Design
3 Years (Sunrise University)

BSc. in Interior Design – 3 Years (Sunrise University)

BSc in Interior Design 3 Years and 2 Years (Sunrise University)

About Course

JD Institute of Fashion Technology centres in Bengaluru, Cochin, Hyderabad and Vijayawada, offers Bachelor of Science or BSc. in Interior Design in collaboration with Sunrise University. The program supports an imaginative and innovative approach to interior design, and the students are exposed to various aspects ranging from material understanding and construction techniques to the evolving digital mediums that inform its current practice. Through the integration of theory with the practical, the students are introduced to a holistic approach of learning. The program develops the skill of the students to formulate and interpret latest trends and technologies, and the ability to be ethical and conscientious practitioners.

BSc. in Interior Design educates students with various fundamentals that inform the field of interior design, and supports an environment that fosters the identification of areas of specialisation to explore the scope of their application. Encouraging creative, innovative and critical thinking of the students, the program develops the individual identity of the students and encourages them to enquire about the potential of their own practice. The extensive curriculum covers the various nuances within interior design ranging from domestic and commercial spaces to public landscapes. The program also develops entrepreneurship skills to equip them with the capability to lead and manage a sustained career in the field.


Course Overview

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Reasons To Apply

Course Structure

First Year
  • History of Interiors
  • Fundamentals of Art & Design
  • Construction Materials
  • Introduction to 2D & 3D Graphics
  • History of Interiors
  • Furniture Design & Model Making
  • Design Contextual Studies
Second Year
  • Textile & Accessories in Interiors
  • CAD in Interiors
  • Construction & Detailing
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Interior Services
  • Life Skills and Personality Development
Third Year
  • Interior Services
  • Estimation, Costing & Specification for Interiors
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Construction Management & Professional Practice
  • Acoustics
  • Working Drawings
  • Portfolio & Resume Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Project