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B.Sc. in Interior Design – 3 Years

The three- year B.Sc. in Interior Design is a multifaceted intrinsic course which helps you to approach and transform any existing space into its finer aspects with Interior Design and Development. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin, we believe in helping students carve a niche in their field of design. The course includes an innate development of skill sets required to mould students into ethical practitioners. The curriculum is laid carefully with a balance between theoretical and practical exposure. Students are also updated with the latest trends and technologies of Interior Design. We encourage an Integrative, Imaginative and Innovative, a total learning environment.


The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design offered by JD Institution of Fashion Technology, Cochin Centre focuses on preparing students to develop a unique innovative design style and explore their creativity to brighten any given interior space and products. The curriculum is widespread and articulated to accommodate various nuances of Interior Design which includes designing a wide range of products and spaces like domestic, commercial, public landscape etc. The students are also given exercises and understanding which helps them develop creative and innovative thinking, which is the most vital asset for achieving success in the field of design.

The three-year course of BSc. in Interior Design offered by JD Institute Cochin:

  • Emphasizes on learning important interior designs and spatial decoration recommended by renowned practitioners
  • Develops the ability to comprehend modern aspects of Interior Design through practical and theoretical projects
  • Focuses on the integral elements of Interior Design such as, Colour and lighting, Furniture in interiors, Floriculture and landscaping, Consumer and merchandising, etc.
  • Develops the idea of deliberating on the evolving trends, contemporary norms, cultural dynamics and innovations of Interior Design and Decorations both in, Indian and International market
  • Provides opportunities to students to showcase their design work through presentations, portfolio, and exhibitions.
  • CAD trainingalso come in handy since the interior design process often involves using computer programs to create two and three-dimensional drawings and renderings.
  • Achieving a wide spectrum of knowledge related to Design: Creative/Design Thinking, technical and Professional Skills, Entrepreneurial insights.
  • Ability to transform 2D ideas into 3D rendering and prototypes.
  • Critical understanding of various nuances of Interior Design field along with Practical understanding and practice.
  • Ability to ideate, innovate design and its practices within the global context of social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Ability to put forward theoretical understanding in practical surroundings within the Interior Design industry.

The BSc. Degree in Interior Design offered by JD Institute provides:

  • A chance to study and explore your imagination with the state of the art facilities, equipped with modern technologies and industry driven affiliations and connect.
  • International and global exposure
  • To outreach and grow with various industry connecting and network
  • Internship and placement assistance with top and well-recognized brands.
  • An opportunity or a platform to showcase at various external design oriented shows, events, and festivals
  • A chance to showcase your work and be a part of JD Annual Design Awards, which is recognized as one of the top design awards in India.

Students graduating from B.Sc. in Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin can seamlessly adapt and constructively contribute to an industry that has a strong design philosophy. Here are some jobs that students can consider in the global creative force.

  • Interior Styling and Experience Design
  • Interior Spatial Design
  • Residential Design
  • Institutional Design
  • Retail Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Heritage Space Design
  • Hospitality and Recreation Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Event Management and Design
  • Set Design and Scenography
  • Interior Accessories and Products Design
  • 3D Visualization
  • CAD and Interior Illustrator

How We Teach?

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the focus has always been on a holistic approach towards Design. Thus, the edification process has always been inclined to making sure that the curriculum is not just deciphered well but also, there is a creative interaction and flow, constantly. This helps students build on ideas and expand their horizons of their Imagination and artistic flair. The three-year extensive course provides the students a full circuit from the Fundamentals of Interior Design to every specialized section of the field. In order to provide the students with real-time Industry Exposure, the students are often taken to Site and Industry Visits where they can apply the various techniques and skills sets taught during theory to perspective. Students also avail the window of creative expansion with our Global Collaborations and Associations. This helps them abridge any gap between the various design cultures and draw Inspiration for creative growth. The students are also given a credible platform of JD Annual Design Awards where they can exhibit their talent and erudition as well as get valuable feedback and insight from industry experts.


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