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Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication

The 2-year post graduate diploma in Fashion communications helps you create a unique point and strategy for the product. Fashion Communication course helps you to develop your skill set in content and creative writing


Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life – Bill Cuningham

The 2-year post graduate diploma in Fashion communications helps you create a unique point and strategy for the product. Fashion Communication course helps you to develop your skill set in content and creative writing, making you tell your brand story effectively. The two-year fashion Journalism course focus developing the thinking process of selling fashion and lifestyle products in the most efficient way possible. The course is designed with live projects and workshops with top brands to give the Fashion communication program aspirant a peep into the Industry. The Fashion Marketing and communication touches the Fashion photography course to give the student a better understanding on placing pictures in magazines. The program also touches on IPR (intellectual property rights) and fashion graphic design thereby giving the full experience of the Post Graduate in Fashion Communications.

  • The program deals with the basic development of students’ artistic, technical, theoretical and reflective skills that better prepare them to face the rigors of the competitive professional life.
  • The students will be able to extend his/her abilities beyond the fundamentals of design and creation and include the broader field of Communication through various mediums that target on extending the reach of the fashion brand.
  • The module offers an in-depth, practice-centric, progressive system that starts with a foundation program comprising such varied specialties as Visual Merchandising, Design of Fashion Exhibitions and Displays, Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Fashion Journalism, Crash course in Fashion Advertising, Public Relations, Brand Building, Styling and Photography.
  • The course ends with an in-depth Research Dissertation and a guarantee of having created competent Fashion Communication professionals who add value to their respective Fashion brands.
  • In-depth understanding of the right skills and its application under eminent Faculty.
  • Through understanding of the working principles of Fashion and trend forecasting
  • The Fashion course helps you to develop Content and creative writing skills.
  • To read consumer behaviour patterns and make informed design decisions.
  • Exposure to real time fashion events, styling workshops and exhibitions under industry experts.

Too much clutter of fashion brands in the market has increased market for people who have done Fashion communications program. There are multiple career opportunities for Fashion Communication programs in India and Globally. The roles are major, from Fashion Journalist to Fashion Analyst to Fashion content writer. They fashion Marketing course helps them to be Brand manager, Fashion Marketing Manager. The other job profiles could be if Fashion Blogging, fashion stylist, Fashion Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser.

  • One of the main highlight of Fashion Communication course is the collaborative project with interrelated departments giving an early experience.
  • The project also gives an opportunity to collaborate with foreign university giving an early international exposure.
  • The Fashion communication courses in India, curriculum is designed at par with the leading Fashion schools around the world.
  • The JEDIIIAN gets an opportunity to showcase his skills of making magazines and films, exhibiting them to the Fashion Industry Experts.
  • The project-based trimester helps the student to grab an early placement with top brands.

The two year program of Fashion Communication curriculum is designed in project-based trimester with the following subjects


  • Design thinking
  • Fashion History
  • Fashion psychology
  • Graphic Design


  • Photography
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion forecasting
  • Graphic design
  • Workshop- Calligraphy


  • Photography
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Styling
  • Graphic design
  • Workshop – Makeup and hairstyling


  • Fashion Styling Project
  • Typography
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Packaging Design


  • Fashion styling
  • Fashion Consumer behaviour
  • Retail & brand management
  • Workshop – Professional Practice.


  • Internship
  • Project 3


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