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The design spectrum is witnessing a parallel and unique evolution. The combination of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence is taking design to a new phase. Dutch Designer, Joris Laarman, is part of a wave of new age designers who combines Naturalistic and Futuristic ideas in his designs. The emphasis is on experimentation and the use of physics and biology as an inspiration for the designs.

In recent times, the interest in natural dyes has grown due to toxic and allergic reactions associated with synthetic dyes. Natural dyes obtained from flowers, plants, shrubs etc. are earth-friendly and are biodegradable resources. These dyes produce colours that are difficult to be obtained from their synthetic counterparts. The article concentrates on natural dyeing with an emphasis on Floral dyeing, a sustainable method

BRANDING – AN EFFECTIVE MARKETING STRATEGY Branding is the personalising of products to ensure a balance between various economic values. In order to sustain in the market, it is important for the creation of a brand image. Originally referred to a piece of burning wood, it later came to be known as mark to be cast on cattle with a hot rod to place

A NEW PATH IN FASHION - FASHION LAW Fashion is dynamic in nature as it keeps changing with the changing trends in the society. With minimal legal protection, the multi-million dollar fashion industry is plagued by counterfeiting which poses huge challenges to brands and designers. Unlike its overseas counterparts, Fashion Law is in its nascent stages in India. With lack of knowledge and scepticism over

GROWTH OF BRANDED JEWELLERY INDUSTRY IN 2020 As per the report published by Mckinsey, Branded jewellery accounts for only 20% of the sales in the market. The jewellery sectors are expected to grow 5-6% every year, but due to the recent global recession it has hindered the consumer appetite for jewellery. In order to stay credible, the brands must make sure they implement new

FASHIONABLY SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS The latest fashion trend isn’t a seasonal colour or a must-have style but it is the concept of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. It is a movement or process of bringing about a change in the entire fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Today, there is a tremendous rise in eco-luxury retail. Positive developments are finally beginning to take

DATA DRIVEN FASHION   Data analytics is known as the study of analysis and is gaining momentum as an important tool to gather business insights to its benefactors. The fashion industry is the latest entrant in capitalizing on the technology wherein it has benefited from data gathered through Instagram feeds, runway shows, changing rooms and online shopping. Good examples of how analytics has impacted fashion

SELF EXPRESSION THROUGH NON-CONFORMITY IN FASHION  Fashion has always encouraged people to play dress up to look and feel good. However, fashion is based on trends, popularity or the reigning pop culture. This does not truly allow a person to express his/her/them personality. There are many self-styled fashion gurus however, what we see is almost the same, with very few people trying to break

TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN While designing for residential or commercial purposes the client has to be in the same place as the designer or check blue prints through email or whatsapp. In today’s world, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. From communicating, ordering food and our purchase habits So, why should interior design be left behind? Technological prowess in interior design

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