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A NEW PATH IN FASHION - FASHION LAW Fashion is dynamic in nature as it keeps changing with the changing trends in the society. With minimal legal protection, the multi-million dollar fashion industry is plagued by counterfeiting which poses huge challenges to brands and designers. Unlike its overseas counterparts, Fashion Law is in its nascent stages in India. With lack of knowledge and scepticism over

DATA DRIVEN FASHION   Data analytics is known as the study of analysis and is gaining momentum as an important tool to gather business insights to its benefactors. The fashion industry is the latest entrant in capitalizing on the technology wherein it has benefited from data gathered through Instagram feeds, runway shows, changing rooms and online shopping. Good examples of how analytics has impacted fashion

SELF EXPRESSION THROUGH NON-CONFORMITY IN FASHION  Fashion has always encouraged people to play dress up to look and feel good. However, fashion is based on trends, popularity or the reigning pop culture. This does not truly allow a person to express his/her/them personality. There are many self-styled fashion gurus however, what we see is almost the same, with very few people trying to break

Top selling fashion magazines   Browsing through fashion magazines are not just entertaining but also informative on issues like culture, and sometimes even politics. There are tens of thousands of fashion magazines out there, but here's a lowdown on the ones that have consistently maintained standard and are worth spending time on. 1.   British Vogue   Well, you could read Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, or even the Indian

Sustainability in fashion Forms Of Sustainable Fashion It isn't news that our beloved planet is in danger, and it is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure its long and healthy existence. Saying no to fast fashion brands manufacturing clothes that utilise thousands of litres of water and eventually end up in landfills is where we can begin. Going a step further,

Pursue Your Passion for Fashion with These Top Design Courses Picking a career in fashion is one of the most creatively satisfying professions for anyone with an eye for aesthetics. It is, therefore, important that the years one spends in educating themselves is carefully and thoughtfully planned out.  At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, a variety of courses in different aspects of design offer

Iconic Fashion Trends That Trickled down from Movies and Cultural Movements To quote Miuccia Prada, “Fashion is an instant language." Interestingly, this language has often been influenced by movies and cultural movements. So much so that you can find whole new fashion trends being inspired by them. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic fashion trends that owe their origin to movies

Who Wears What: A Look into Gender-Bending Fashion Clothes have no gender, but they often act as the means through which gender is distinctly expressed. In fact, gender distinction through clothes starts right from birth. That’s why infant girls are draped in pink while infant boys get swaddled in blue, and the lines get drawn early on. And, this distinction continues, skirts defining a

Men's Fashion - What Suits Your Body Type Men's Fashion - What Suits Your Body Type When you hear the words fashion and body types, you immediately think about women's fashion and different body shapes of women. That's because men, in general, give far less thought to fashion or their body type. Unlike men, women are more attentive to their looks. They discuss weight loss, trends

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