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Interior Design

Organic terrace farming is a means of relief, especially for people residing in cramped multi-storeyed apartments. With the increasing awareness on the use of pesticides and unhygienic methods of cultivation, creation of a vegetable garden in the unused spaces of homes has become the need of the hour.   Setting up and maintenance: It is very easy to implement a terrace farm once the site or

TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN While designing for residential or commercial purposes the client has to be in the same place as the designer or check blue prints through email or whatsapp. In today’s world, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. From communicating, ordering food and our purchase habits So, why should interior design be left behind? Technological prowess in interior design

How To Decorate Your Interior with Mirrors?   Mirrors make a versatile addition to your interior. With so many designs and styles, you can add a mirror to any space in your house to give it a modern appeal. Below are some style tips on how you can infuse mirrors into your design. And, if you are looking for a thorough knowledge of interior decorating,

Clever and Pragmatic Space Saving Interior Design Ideas Are you half starved-starved for square foot area and are finding it very difficult to decorate your interiors? Would you stop at nothing to transfigure your spatially deprived space into a slice of heaven? Tight spaces can be a real bother when it comes to decorating them. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot paint your imagination

The Future of Interior and Spatial Design Coming home to beautiful and serene surroundings or working in a tastefully done office can have a remarkable impact on our mind and senses. Interior and spatial designing play an important part in making our homes and offices beautiful. Natural lighting, open spaces, artistic décor, and visual appeal are some of the ways in which interior designing

Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors For most of us, the office is where we spend a good part of our day and thus it becomes necessary to ensure that our workplaces are comfortable, boost positive thinking, and motivate us to keep coming back, every day. We spend money on decorating our homes but do we really spend the same amount of time and money

Interior decor trends for 2019 Changes in fashion are instantaneous and happen in the blink of an eye. So, while it is easy to part ways with the pair of jeans which was trending just a few days ago, it can be quite gruelling to change the expensive accent flooring in your living room. Image Source: Pixbay So, before you plan to jazz up your home,

Types of Interior Design Do you wish to decorate your newly constructed home? You must be looking for something different and unique. Seeking thematic inspiration? The professional interior designers are there to help. Designing your home interiors with the innovative theme has become a trend. The types of interior designing are going to be discussed here. A perfect design will be established with the

BSc Interior Design Syllabus Pursuing a BSc interior design degree can help students can get some practical experience in the world of interior design. Institutes structure their BSc interior design syllabus in a manner that educates the students about the different ways (technical and non-technical) of constructing comfortable and functional spaces customized to the tastes of the clients. The subjects that are covered in

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