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Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing


Rules & Regulations

  1. JD design awards 2021 is one of the criteria for certification of the program that a student attends at JD Institute of Fashion Technology.
  2. The timeline to complete the project will be provided by the department authorities through various communication channels and students need to abide by the same to qualify for JD Design Awards 2021.
  3. If a student fails to complete the project within the timelines provided by the institute, they will be disqualified from the event. In that scenario to complete the certification process the student needs to complete the same project within a timeline provided by the department.
  4. Plagiarism will not be entertained at any level of the design process and if any participant is found to violate the conditions will be disqualified with immediate effect.
  5. The financial management of the project is left to the student’s discretion. There is no upper or lower limit on the expenditure for the project. However, the institute always suggest the students to plan the project well in advance in order for your parents/ guardians to support you for the same.
  6. The students are advised not to use any hazardous materials in the project that will bring harm to self, fellow students, faculties or staff of the institute during their work processes or members of public at the event venue.
  7. The mentor contact session for each participant will be during the non-class hours and the participants are requested to make prior appointments and arrangements for the mentorship.
  8. The decision of the Mentor team will be final and abiding in matters of evaluating the student’s project. In order to request a review, the students are advised to contact the respective HoD for consideration.
  9. If a student’s project is qualified for the final event, the student needs to honor the commitment and cannot pull out of the event. Violating this will invite disqualification and non-issuance of the certificate.
  10. During the process of the project students may be exposed to external mentors who will guide their projects at various stages, in that event the student is expected to conduct themselves in the most professional manner. Any complaint received from the external mentors will be treated seriously with resulting consequences.
  11. The expected date for the event will provided to the students at least 60 days in advance, however due to factors beyond the control of the institute if the event dates are postponed or preponed the students are expected to make necessary arrangements to accommodate the change.
  12. The transportation and installation of the project/product for the event will be done at sole responsibility of the participant. The institute will provide the guidance and support systems at venue for the display of the product.
  13. Students who fall short of the guidelines for presentation at the venue will be barred from displaying their project/product.
  14. Every student will be provided event invitation for a limited number of invitees.
  15. There is no registration fee, or any kind of fee associated with taking part in the JD Design awards 2021 (for Bangalore, Kochi, and Goa Center).
  16. The participating student’s project will be subjected to internal and external jury process that will evaluate the project based on multiple parameters. The jury members will decide on the awards and the decision of the jury members will be final and abiding.
  17. The awards will be announced only on the day of the event. The participating designers need to be present till the end of the event to receive the awards in case they win one.
  18. The winners of JD design awards 2021 will need to provide social media engagement with the PR team of JD Institute and any agency that JD institute proposes.
  19. The Institute reserve the right to use all the content and product of JD Design awards for promotion and marketing activities.
  20. The students are not supposed to share the presentation of JD Design awards 2021 to any third party/social media or upload the content of their work in progress on any social media platforms till the official event has concluded.
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