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Game Changer Pants

  • Designed exclusively for wheelchair users, has a great fit and lasts a long time.
  • Provides a size chart that is inclusive, as well as a seamless back design with no pockets.

HENNING Workwear for Plus Sizes

Tailored Blazers and Classic Coats with details like hidden elastic back-waists in some bottoms, re-enforced inseams, and even concealed buttons between regular buttons are incorporated into their outfits.

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The Casa Mac House
Vicenza, Italy

The team at So & So Studio studied the blind lady’s routine and movement throughout the house and developed a design, based on the simple glyphic language. The transition from one space to another with the least barriers was essential, which was achieved by removing door thresholds and unnecessary material changes. The architects categorized the daily activities into “nodes” and created a central corridor system connecting the garage, front door, and backyard patio. The central spine of the house eliminated the maze-like structure of regular homes to create a hassle-free simple lifestyle.

Convertible Ramp

The user-friendly Convertible is a flight of functional stairs that changes into a ramp for wheelchairs. By simply pushing a lever, the flight of steps shifts and become a slope. The device has been designed for a low construction cost, easy installation, and minimal maintenance.

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