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5 creative practices 5

5 creative practices every design student needs to start doing now

It is often said that creativity is innate. But is it really or can it be inculcated, is where the diameter of question sets in. In a country like India, choices of finalizing a career field are morbidly restrained. But if you wish to spread your wings high and let loose, then fret no more. Designing too, is an impending pathway if that’s what you are vehemently interested in. Institutes like JD Institute of fashion technology provide a wide range of courses such as Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in Accessory Design, Knitwear design, Textile design or even Fashion technology. So, if this is where you feel you belong then, here’s a checklist you need to brush up on before you begin

5 creative practices every design student

  1. Passion for fashion

Hone your creativity skills to an optimized level. You ought to have a genuine interest in the field of fashion and design if you wish to take this up as a career. ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a lazy boy ‘– just likely you have to exert a lot of detail and devotion to your interests in order to carve a niche. Do not opt for this if you didn’t successfully get through JEE or NEET entrances. There is always an eclectic array in front of you with a sea of choices, swim through carefully to know the best for you.

5 creative practices every design student

  1. Stay current with the ongoing trends in fashion

As a student, it is vital to acknowledge that learning is a continuous process. Fashion is an ever-changing industry, it’s easy to get lost, or worse, become irrelevant if you don’t keep up. So, as a beginner, you’ll need to stay updated with the latest news and trends. You can do so by following design blogs or e-magazines, such as GainBuzz, SwissMiss, StitchWorld, Vogue, Hintmag etc. Make it a habit to read such stuff every once a while to stay updated to kickstart your Design Course.

5 creative practices every design student

  1. Portfolio of Oeuvres

Create a portfolio embedding all your works, may it be in the form of sketches or designs. This portfolio will act as an oeuvre in your interviews crediting you immensely for your designs. You can always edit this in accordance with your need. Pep up your raw skills in this file highlighting your fashion forte. JD Institute of Fashion Technology through its many Design Courses, help students to build a portfolio worth their mettle built specifically to stress on their best abilities.

5 creative practices every design student

  1. Showcase your work to critics

You have to learn to let go of your insecurities once you step into this paradigm industry. Showcase your works to someone who would provide you with unbiased and honest remarks. Later, use their feedback in an utmost positive regime possible and use negatives as a stairway to amelioration.

5 creative practices every design student

  1. Take part in Design communities

Befriending a chunk of compatible communities add to your reputation. At Yanko Design, one can see categories of smaller sections wherein you can discuss your work with like-minded people.
Never stop experimenting with your work. It will take an abundance of patience and sincerity to reach the pinnacle of success. Love your work and respect your passion.

5 creative practices every design student

Enrol in JD Institute of Fashion Technology to be a designer with a portfolio to impress and impact. Explore the various Design Courses to kickstart your career in Fashion.