Change Begins with One Man’s Dream


Rtn. Chandraakant Dalal


“I believe that the students need a little imagination and the willingness to work hard to convert their dreams into success. The father of advertising, David Ogilvy, scrounged around as an apprentice chef and a door-to-door salesman before he entered advertising. The rest, as they say, is history. So don’t worry about skills, they can be learnt. Instead, develop and articulate your imagination which is your unique way of looking at the world. Today, the fashion industry is more fragmented and competitive than ever. But that also means it is ripe for bold and imaginative ideas that can leave a mark on the industry. All you need is a confident mind and training and you can get there too”. – Message from our President


A true Visionary in Fashion and Lifestyle Education who started the Journey of JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai in 1988 keeping the seed of imagination in mind. His vision, leadership, and encouragement enabled over 20,000 students to succeed in the market place. His passion and stewardship to create a change in the ideas, society and industry live inside in us all.

Journey of a Change Maker


Shri. R.C Dalal


“Wake your Dreams” – R. C Dalal

An Iconic and People Developer, R.C Dalal was a pioneer in Fashion and Arts Education who took this journey to the next level. His gamut of knowledge and experience helped JD Institute of Fashion Technology to be one of the top Institute in Fashion Technology.

His Interest lay in promoting the art, craft and culture of India on the International platform. Under his aegis, JD Institute organized numerous exhibitions, fashion shows, and other networking events to promote their talent and designs to the Industry world.
R.C Dalal’s dream of JD being recognized at Global level, translated into reality. One of the major milestones was the participation of JD Institute at Bollywood Festival Norway as the Fashion Partner. Apart from the academics, he also committed himself to many CSR activities. He was awarded “The Hero to Animals” by Poorva Joshipura, Vice President of International Affairs, PETA, UK for his contribution to animal-friendly fashion.

His love for Fashion and his aim to take his country to new heights made him consort for India Fashion Week, London along with Mr. Manny Singh in the year 2015. To honour Mr RC Dalal for all his efforts, contribution, association and dedication for supporting India Fashion week and taking it to new heights, the “RC DALAL MEMORIAL AWARD” was instituted to confer the top designer talent at the India Fashion Week, November,2017.