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On September 15,2023 Jd institute of fashion Technology Cochin Organized Surface Ornamentation workshop for Students of MMO VHSS School ,Ernakulam , The workshop was started with an introduction session by our Student Nadiya Jamal from BSc ID followed by a briefing over several courses provided by Jd institute of fashion Technology cochin under the department of fashion and Interior as well the Internships

The integration of technology in the domain of Interior Design is nascent to the market. Design and Tech industry since a long time has been dependent on each other, however the intersection of the two has always been on the scales. As the world has become tech-driven, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality in Interior, Metaverse and more, showcase the adaptation of latest tech in

JD Institute of Fashion Technology Goa has recently conducted a very interesting workshop as a part of an Interior Design module– Restoration and Renovation of Building Interiors for 3rd year Interior students. Mr Navdeep Singh who is the module mentor, encouraged the students to come up with different concepts to make outdoor furniture that are resilient to weather conditions like rain, sun, snow and

Costume designing began long ago in the 5 century B.C when the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus, created specific costumes for actors to wear when they performed his tragedies. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, scenery and costumes became increasingly important elements of stage plays. They helped capture a mood, create an exciting colorful event, and entertain audiences. What exactly is Costume Designing? It is

Kashmiri Velvet Hand Embroidery workshop was conducted on 15th July, 2022 by a highly talented hand embroidery artist Mr Balakishan, who has 35 years of experience in different forms of surface ornamentation and has conducted many workshops in African & Asian countries. Kashmiri velvet hand embroidery is one of the varieties of rug hooking technique and unique way of creating 3D structured embroidery pattern

South Indian Bridal Look Workshop was held as part of the professional Makeup and Hairstyle course recently during the workshop at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. The session was presided by Ms. Radha, a seasoned Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. The workshop comprised of trends, techniques and elements used for a Bridal Look which included demonstrations and makeup photoshoot of the look helping the students understand

Christian Bridal Look, curated by the guest faculty Ms. Radha as part of the professional Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. This lecture gave the students an opportunity to learn new techniques and the best finishing of the makeup. The 2 day workshop experience included Christian Bridal Look and best finishing makeup formula. Since it is a Christian bride,