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The students of Diploma in Interior Design January 2023 batch showcased a display that explored Design Thinking on 17th March 2023 under the guidance of Ms. Shruthi Krishnamurthy. As diploma batch students come from varied academic backgrounds, it was essential to have their design thinking journey start off with a fun and informative learning process. Hence, a brief introduction about different types of thinking

The learners pursuing their BSc in Jewellery Design, 2022 Batch showcased their work with enthusiasm and in a creative way on the 13th of January, 2023. The exhibition was held inside the college campus of JD Institute of Fashion and Technology, Bangalore. The jewellery design aspirants started their journey from the foundation drawing module which includes line art, shading, perspective drawings, object drawing and

‘Time travel’ was explored through the various fashion eras in a display organized by the students of Diploma in Fashion Design November A 2022 batch on 13th January 2023. The presentation covered the modules on Art and Costume Appreciation and Draping. Practical aspects are an integral part of the learning process. It gives an opportunity to the students to bring out their creativeness and

New year has begun and so is the vigour of Jediiians who are working in the direction of achieving perfection in their design aesthetics. But on the journey of mastering the requirements of the design industry, constructive feedback is a must. JD Institute of Fashion Technology provides the platform to channelise the talent of the young designers and bring them feedback from the

Interior Designers play a vital role in the design industry. Their job role is not limited to just improving the space aesthetically but improving the functionality of the space with maximum optimization. The Interior Design domain goes through multiple shifts in pace with technology and the necessity of the world. Hence, abiding by the requirement of the domain, JD Institute always gives a

Displays, events, workshops, talk sessions and more are an integral part of learning. The practical approach in pedagogy is taken by JD Institute of Fashion Technology where apart from theory, courses also use practical tools for imparting education. Following the same, the Interior Design Aspirants presented their learnings recently. Aspirants pursuing their Diploma in Interior Design March 2022 batch under the guidance of mentor

The industry of Jewellery Design is witnessing paradigm shifts. There was a time when jewellery pieces of intricate designs were appreciated. But with the change in time, people have started drifting to tech inclusive jewellery. Controlling your phone with a wrist watch or ring or bracelets are just a small step that the jewellery industry has taken with an arena of massive size

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