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Academic Exhibitions

 The students of Diploma in Interior Design April 2019 Batch, set up a product display wherein they applied the elements and principles of design to create table settings. The students were divided in two groups and created two table settings each. ORCHID ROAD The first group named their collection Orchid Road which was derived from Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous one way 2.2.km stretch shopping street. Purple was the colour theme used in the set-up inspired by the orchid flower. In order

Integrated Term Project - ADFD: Integrated Term Project Students of Advance Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design - Batch 2016 presented for Jury Review. Their creativity was highlighted in the Source Boards that contained fabric story, color story, textures, and silhouettes. The source boards were inspired by Art, City, and Culture. The fresh ideas and perspectives are integral for deriving elements for future application.

The students of Post-Graduation Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management, of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore batch were assigned to document the craft forms in India and then present their findings in the form of a display. Through this exercise they were able to understand the challenges faced by the artisans involved in the creating the craft forms and the reason

The students of Diploma in Fashion Design, April 2019 batch under the guidance of their faculty Ms. Pavithra Basilica created a Draping Display as part of their Styling and Draping module. Through the display the students explored different techniques to understand the fall of the fabric and placement of pattern and design along with achieving the sketch of the actual garment. The students

REFURBISH | Mannequein Styling Display by Fashion Communication students On 31st May 2019, the students of Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication showcased a fashion mannequin styling exhibit as part of their Fashion Styling module. The exhibit was centered around themes selected by the students wherein they chose various materials and decorated the mannequins to suit the aesthetic of the theme. Visual images are a

A great looking product, installation or an art is very important to make any ambience or an interior space look good. Yet without a solid combination to build upon, these products and installations will never be as compelling or attractive as they can be. The “elements and principles of design” have been called the language of art, or the building blocks to create

Journey of Students - Jewellery Design The students exhibited their work and documents which depicted their 6 months experience. The work shows their transformation and evolution from the beginning until now. Their compilation of work comprised of Foundation Drawing, Elements and Principles of Design, Design Thinking and Process, Orthographic and Isometric Drawings and few of the theme based Design Collections. Journey of Students - Jewellery Design