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Makeup tips provide an outline to create flawless looks and with Diwali just round the corner emphasis on makeup is as important as the clothes and accessories. Though prepping and juggling between different functions for the festivities can be tedious, getting makeup right helps to win atleast most of the battle. One can shine brighter or help someone do so with few useful

Biophilic design in an innovative way to create natural and comfortable environments for us to live, work and learn. It unconsciously brings the great outdoors into our constructed world by consciously including a nature oriented interior design. Interior Design begins with human experience. It considers the physical, mental and emotional needs of people and uses human centred approaches to address how we live

The world is moving fast, and so are our houses! Decoding that line, the topic here is laying an insight on futuristic architecture - prefabricated homes. Prefabricated homes, or informally called prefab, are houses manufactured off-site in advance, and the customised sections are easily shipped and assembled. The houses include architectural details inspired by postmodernism or futuristic architecture. Prefabricated homes are affordable living

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