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The term sustainability has emanated from a sense of being aware about the damage caused to the planet, dying grassroots crafts and the repercussions of human actions that has led to its degeneration. The trillion dollar fashion industry is among one of the many to have impacted the environment though use of chemicals, wastage and overconsumption of resources alongwith the exclusion of traditional

"Design is in everything we make, but it is also between those things. It is mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy." - Erika Edigard The core of interior designing is built up on the potential of transforming existing territories in and around our social construct in to aesthetically-pleasing and functionally adept spaces. The industry of Interior Design is currently a booming professional

The Coronavirus outbreak may have marred many a business establishments and educational institutions, however this time has led to fully utilising digital technology. Without hindering the teaching schedule of the on-going courses and the need to complete it within the stipulated period of time, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South have continued routine classes through online lessons and digital materials. Technology is a boon during

Organic terrace farming is a means of relief, especially for people residing in cramped multi-storeyed apartments. With the increasing awareness on the use of pesticides and unhygienic methods of cultivation, creation of a vegetable garden in the unused spaces of homes has become the need of the hour.   Setting up and maintenance: It is very easy to implement a terrace farm once the site or

Technology has taken over the world by storm and has spread its tentacles on almost every field affecting manufacturing, e-commerce, designing, freight, marketing etc. The multi-billion dollar fashion industry too is a part of the bandwagon and has embraced technology with open arms.  As design and innovation is important for the fashion industry, the inclusion of technology on the ramp has given rise

The design spectrum is witnessing a parallel and unique evolution. The combination of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence is taking design to a new phase. Dutch Designer, Joris Laarman, is part of a wave of new age designers who combines Naturalistic and Futuristic ideas in his designs. The emphasis is on experimentation and the use of physics and biology as an inspiration for the designs.

In recent times, the interest in natural dyes has grown due to toxic and allergic reactions associated with synthetic dyes. Natural dyes obtained from flowers, plants, shrubs etc. are earth-friendly and are biodegradable resources. These dyes produce colours that are difficult to be obtained from their synthetic counterparts. The article concentrates on natural dyeing with an emphasis on Floral dyeing, a sustainable method

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