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DATA DRIVEN FASHION   Data analytics is known as the study of analysis and is gaining momentum as an important tool to gather business insights to its benefactors. The fashion industry is the latest entrant in capitalizing on the technology wherein it has benefited from data gathered through Instagram feeds, runway shows, changing rooms and online shopping. Good examples of how analytics has impacted fashion

SELF EXPRESSION THROUGH NON-CONFORMITY IN FASHION  Fashion has always encouraged people to play dress up to look and feel good. However, fashion is based on trends, popularity or the reigning pop culture. This does not truly allow a person to express his/her/them personality. There are many self-styled fashion gurus however, what we see is almost the same, with very few people trying to break

TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN While designing for residential or commercial purposes the client has to be in the same place as the designer or check blue prints through email or whatsapp. In today’s world, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. From communicating, ordering food and our purchase habits So, why should interior design be left behind? Technological prowess in interior design

Taking a good food photograph is less about the equipment you have and more about understanding how to emphasize the aesthetic beauty of food. Professional-looking photographs can be shot on something as simple as a smartphone camera by using some techniques. A beautiful shot can be achieved through 4 major steps:  1.Plating(The aesthetic arrangement/presentation of food)  Plating is the first step, towards a visually appealing representation of

A picture is worth thousands of words. They can show us new worlds and help instil empathy. Pictures activate emotions and can deliver powerful messages. They are a great way to feel encouraged, no matter what the subject. Here is a handpicked selection of a few such iconic photographs for inspiration. Images shape our world. The best photographs allow us to enter into another reality, showing

You see a beautiful scene and capture it with a camera. But the picture doesn't come out exactly as you had imagined. Somehow, the colours do not pop as much, and charm seems to be lost. Photo editing is the perfect tool to help you in this situation. Photo editing removes unwanted objects from the background, pulls focus towards the subject, provides the

Photographs play a huge role in communication. These are images that convey moods, emotions, aesthetics, a sense of place, and so much more. As South India’s No.1 private college and a leading design institute, J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology recognises and appreciates the importance of photography. We show our students the many ways in which it can portray the world around us. Two of the techniques that photographers use

With an initiative to reinvigorate the sense of freedom and independence amongst the young generation, we have associated with an NGO Nehru Bal Sangh on the 7th edition of Jashn–E–Azadi with the campaign Rang-de Azadi. The artwork on the walls was based on the theme “Women Empowerment.” The walls painted with colors by Jediiians portrayed wings of freedom, idols of extreme courage and power. Our

So Stylish and Luxurious, It is Hard to Believe that It is a Treehouse As South India’s No.1 private college, and a leading design institute, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration. A search for ideas that inspire students in design courses when it comes to interior designing. This Origin Treehouse is a perfect example. Some treehouses are rustic and basic. Others are little more than hiding places for children. This one is very different.

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