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“Art is the question to a problem; Design is the solution to the problem” - Unknown The World of Design is intriguing but at the same time extensive. To encode the world of Design, Ms. Swati Gupta, Assistant Professor, Department of Fashion, conducted a webinar in association with Great Place to study to enlighten the students about the various knacks of how to survive when you enter the world of design.

With 28 states and 9 union territories, India is blessed with varied arts and crafts that are unique to its specified region. These are the result of centuries-old knowledge influenced by different empires which are deeply embedded in our culture. Though originated as a form of decoration and in some to worship, it later evolved as a full vocation. As times changed so

There is a saying, worst time also brings the best in people. Never has anyone in the world faced a case of such emergency that has affected the entire world at the same time. The loss in businesses has led to stunted economy. At this unprecedented point of time where we are plagued with a pandemic, the glamour industry has redirected towards creating

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