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Pattern making and garment construction is more than just cutting out patterns on a paper. It needs skill, time, effort and most of all resources. Creating a pattern needs pattern drafting tools. You’ll need the right pattern drafting tools to ensure smooth and easy garment construction. A fashion designer should know about all pattern drafting tools and its uses and specific functions. We at

Degree Vs Diploma, the age-old debate of what you need to study after 12th (Higher Secondary Examination/HSC) or should you pursue a diploma after 10th? (Senior Secondary Examination/SSC) And finally, the most important of all, Degree or Diploma? So, lets first learn what is degree? and what is a diploma? Secondly, the difference between both as we weigh the pros and cons of

Photography is a field that has always been appreciated. Whether a person is camera shy or not, they do come in front of the lens at some or the other point of their life. Moreover, as a photographer your muse is the world and how you capture says a lot about your vision and aesthetic knowledge. The trend in photography has changed over

Post pandemic hit and numerous lockdowns, the photography trends have witnessed a paradigm shift. It now focuses more on the real aesthetics and natural beauty along with the lens just tap away (Thanks to the mobile phones!). Today, we will give you an overview of what photography trends are taking over the world and how photographers should adapt to it for a better

Interior Design Career paths for professionals who are looking for the best possible solution. Find your career as a domestic interior designer who works in creative interior environments. Choosing an interior design career path can help you decide which courses to take, which interior design certifications to pursue, and which interior design positions to pursue. Interior design occupations are ever-expanding, with a wide

Sustainability is the necessity of today and tomorrow. However, with multiple neologistic terms like eco-friendly, green, eco-conscious and eco-anxiety becoming a quotidian word, the confusion is getting deeper. They all stand for aiding the planet's health however have different approaches that draw the line in interchanging them freely. As the world is getting more aware and conscious about the choices and the steps, we

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