6 ways Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Jewellery business

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6 ways Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Jewellery business

The impact of Covid-19 on jewellery businesses across India has been through the most challenging and uncertain times. The infinitesimal virus managed to bring nations to their knees and wreaked havoc in our lives.

6 ways Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Jewellery businessEvery industry with no regard to their prowess suffered and struggled to survive through the pandemic. There are enough articles discussing all the negative impacts of the pandemic on the jewellery industry and everything that needs to be done to salvage the businesses.

1. Take heart, there’s always hope! – Let us be the bright golden patch of sunshine in the gloomy skies of the post pandemic business salvage in the jewellery industry. Is there even a remote possibility to put on a positive spin after all that suffering?

Let’s take heart from the jewelleries themselves, the crude and dull lump of a metal goes through fire and endures the distress, settles into a new and alluring mould to become the elegant piece of jewellery that adorns you. Here are 6 ways the Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the jewellery business.

2. Reach your customer directly – The customers are happy to reach out directly to the business or person selling what they need rather than depend on conventional retail outlets. No more middle man taking a cut of your pay. Your jewellery designs, your valuable time, your persistent effort get the recognition that is truly and honestly deserved.

3. Personalized service – Have you ever felt blissfully rewarded you feel when someone tells you “Ohh! That’s a fine design. I love it! Is it for sale?”. Those rare little moments are worth all the time and hours of effort you slogged with the fidgety tools trying to make the jewellery design look perfect? How grateful and rewarded would you feel, when your customer falls in love with the refined piece of jewellery that you personally designed for them?

Well, that’s one good impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on businesses. Customers search for personalized designs and personal attention from their service providers. People are used to shopping from their home and spend hours in search of the elusive personal attention and service.

4. Digital age is inevitable – So, the topic of personalized service brings us to the crop of online aggregators that flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic. All industries, businesses, everyone small and big, turned to online aggregators and cloud services to reach their loyal customer base. Jewellery industry and businesses are no exception.

6 ways Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Jewellery businessJewellery businesses became cognizant with the digital age and launched all new services that cater to their customer base that is increasingly wanting services and products personalized and delivered to their doorstep.

5. The #DIY storm – We all saved pretty pins on our #Pinterest idea boards and wondered how or when we will find time that long and leisure to explore our hobbies? Well, the Covid-19 pandemic did put a positive spin to our longing for Do-it-Yourself idea boards. We realised the #pandemicblues were not a myth. Now, the silver lining.

6 ways Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Jewellery business

Jewellery designing quickly became one of most popular google searches during the Covid-19 pandemic. #Learnjewellerydesign was a popular hashtag as people tried to order the supplies on amazon and Flipkart and had fun trying to make jewellery and how we felt so proud of the cute pieces of metal that we crafted all by ourselves. Even the most expensive and perfectly cut diamonds might not make you feel that proud if you happened upon it.

These are the little cute moments that you enjoyed and felt proud of your own pretty creations. Want to learn to make more of your own pretty designs? Sign up for a Jewellery design courses to explore more of your hobbies and maybe even make it a second earning doing something that you love.

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6. #pursueyourpassion – It took a crippling Covid-19 pandemic for us to realise life is worth living and we hearted #YOLO posts on Instagram for little moments of happiness that made us laugh, love and live a little more than what our pre-pandemic life could afford us. So, why not pursue those little moments that made you feel proud of your work? Why not chase that elusive happiness?

Learn new crafts, live the hippie life and love your work. Live a life that is a rewarding and meaningful life? Pursue your passions. There is so much more the vast, wide world has to offer and for you to explore. Let’s not bury ourselves in books and screens after the pandemic. Breathe a little lighter and learn new things. Here’s a whole range of courses perfect for a fun learning experience. Who knows? You might even like it enough to become a pro at it and invest more of your time pursuing the passion.