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7 Color Trends in Interiors That Will Be Huge in 2024 (2)

Color trends are being predicted by forecasters in 2024 and they say that people will be more adventurous with their color choices. Bright pinks, playful aquas, and rich browns are expected to be popular, along with buttery and blush tones. Neutrals will still be in style but with a warmer twist. Experts also believe that color choices will become more personal, with individuals expressing themselves through bold or softer colors based on their moods and personal preferences. Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, emphasizes that color is a form of self-expression and that there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing colors. Ultimately, the colors we surround ourselves with can affect our mood and express our personality. For those interested in staying ahead of the trend, the seven color trends expected to dominate 2024 are outlined by color experts.

1.Dark yet Chic

In the upcoming year, rich and deep color trends will be important for balancing out the bright and light shades that will be popular. These deep colors include chocolate browns, interesting blacks, deep navies, and forest greens. According to Wadden, high-contrast colors are necessary to counterbalance the brightness of the pinks. This contrast is important for creating balance and calming down the overall color scheme. Behr has chosen “Cracked Pepper,” a black hue, as their color of the year, celebrating its timeless appeal. This suggests that they believe black hues, especially Cracked Pepper, have a classic and enduring quality. On the other hand, York Wallcoverings has selected “Bay Brown” as their color of the year for 2024. They describe it as chic and emphasize its warm and inviting qualities. This suggests that they see Bay Brown as a color that is stylish and welcoming. Overall, both companies have chosen dark, rich colors for their color of the year, each emphasizing different aspects of these hues.

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2.The Blues are In: 

The enduring popularity of the color blue and the predicted color trends of shifting towards airy and watery colors in late 2024 and early 2025. Sherwin-Williams has chosen “Upward,” a light denim blue with gray undertones, as their color of the year, emphasizing its soothing and relatable nature. Benjamin Moore selected “Blue Nova,” a color that blurs the line between violet and blue, to spark a sense of adventure and expansion. The trend expert, Pressman, also predicts that livelier shades of blue, such as teals and aquas, will become more prevalent in 2024. Valspar and C2 Paint have also embraced this trend by naming “Renew Blue” and “Thermal,” respectively, as their colors of the year, indicating a shift towards more playful shades of blue. This shift reflects people’s desire to spend time in nature and focus on health and well-being, with refreshing, watery aqua blues and serene blue shades becoming more prominent.

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3.The Purple Beauty: 

Although purples may seem intimidating to work with, experts believe that the color is very versatile. Pressman mentions that “intriguing purples and lilacs” can help people stand out and be more experimental with color. Wadden also adds that softer, more muted shades of purple will become more popular in the coming year because they complement other colors such as pinks, blues, and greens, adding depth or vibrancy depending on the specific shade of purple. Benjamin Moore also highlights the compatibility of purple and includes Hazy Lilac as one of the colors in their Color Trends 2024 palette.

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4.Forever Pinks:

Forecasters also projected the popularity of various shades of pink and other warm colors in the upcoming year. It mentions that Barbie’s influence on culture will continue to be strong, and several paint companies predict that vivacious shades of pink will rise in popularity due to their nostalgic and optimistic qualities. Warm stone colors are expected to become more popular as consumers move away from cold greys, and there is a predicted shift towards earthy pink tones. Little Greene, a British paint and wallpaper company, has chosen a soft pink neutral called Masquerade as their color of the year, emphasizing its timeless and tranquil qualities. 

Peachy pink shades are also expected to be popular in 2024, with Pantone announcing Peach Fuzz as their color of the year, highlighting its romantic and calming attributes. Additionally, there is a projected resurgence of shades in the red and terracotta families, with Sherwin-Williams noting that red is making a comeback, and Benjamin Moore including earthy Topaz and cheerful Teacup Rose in their Color Trends 2024 palette.

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Scheme Color

5.Shiny Yellows and Oranges:

It is predicted that bright yellows and oranges will be popular color trends in 2024. They have chosen Electric Amber as their “Color of the Year” to represent this trend. They believe that this color, which is a blend of yellow and orange, will be especially beautiful and appealing in various design contexts such as textiles, jewelry, and gardens.

The statement also mentions that other brands and organizations have also identified similar trends, with colors like Persimmon and Apricot Crush being named as colors of the year for 2024. This suggests that there is a broader consensus within the interior design and fashion industries about the rising popularity of these sunny shades.

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Color Meanings


In 2024, greens that are easy to approach and not too bright will continue to be popular. These nature-inspired shades give off a peaceful feeling that many people find comforting. This pleasant and nurturing feeling is what led the British brand Graham & Brown to choose a midtone green called Viridis as their color of the year.

In addition to these natural tones, darker greens are also expected to become popular in the coming year. The paint company Dutch Boy chose a deep and comforting green called Ironside as their color of the year, showing a trend toward darker colors that represent sophistication.

Green elegant living room interior

Beige sofa and green armchair in elegant living room interior with ficus and poster

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7.Evergreen Nuetrals: 

In simple terms, neutral colors that are warm, like off-whites and buttery tones, are becoming very popular among color experts and designers. Companies like Sherwin-Williams and Glidden have even chosen warm, honey-like colors as their “color of the year.” These colors are expected to give energy and a strong foundation to color combinations. According to experts, one reason warm neutrals are so popular is because of the impact of LED lighting. Many designers have noticed that LED lighting can make colors appear cooler, so to balance this effect, warmer colors are being used more often.

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