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Admission in Interior Design Course in India What to Expect (4)

Today, we can see an increase in the popularity of interior design as a career choice. Due to this, there has been a significant rise in the number of people seeking admission in interior design courses. 

Are you planning on entering this dynamic field of interior design? Then you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey on what to expect with a bachelor’s degree in interior design.  

India’s booming real estate has become has resulted in a surge in the popularity of interior design for homes. This means that interior design plays a crucial role in the real estate industry in building the value of properties. 

Pursuing a bachelor’s in interior design can open up your world to several career opportunities. You can also choose to work in a residential or commercial sector. The opportunities are endless!  

So stick with us till the end as we dive into the world of interior design as a career. We’ll cover the eligibility criteria, the current situation of this design industry and the curriculum.  

Understanding the Interior Design Industry in India  

The interior design industry is in a boom thanks to the increase in aesthetically pleasing and functional homes. Especially with a change in lifestyles, the demand for a skilled interior designer has never been higher. 

However, one also needs to learn the current tools and software to be able to thrive in this career. Lucky for you, there are multiple interior design courses in Bangalore that can give you a platform to hone your skills. 

Other than honing your skills, keeping track of the interior design trends 2023 is crucial to stay relevant. Since India has seen a significant shift to sustainable living, the need for environment-friendly interior-designed spaces has arisen.  

Additionally, all these reasons result in creating more and more job opportunities for interior designers. As a designer in this competitive field, you can work on various projects for residential or commercial sectors. 

Eligibility for Interior Designing Course 

Admission in Interior Design Course in India What to Expect (2)

So, you’ve decided to pursue a career in interior design. Great choice! today, the growth of interior design has resulted in a rise in the number of interior design courses. However, at the same time, it becomes important to make well-researched decisions while seeking admission in interior design programs. 

Before you go ahead, here are some of the eligibility criteria for the Bachelor in interior design courses: 

  • Academic requirements 

You must have completed your 10+2 or equivalent from a recognised board to be eligible for admission to an interior design course. Furthermore, you must be dedicated to completing the three-year-long course.  

  • Age limit 

Interior design qualification does not have a specific age limit. This means that anyone can enrol in this program provided they fulfil all the academic and other requirements stated. 

This makes an interior design career a great choice for individuals who have taken a gap year. 

  • Other eligibility criteria 

Other eligibility criteria may include specific requirements by interior design schools, like an interior design portfolio. Additionally, you might be asked to give certain entrance exams to receive admission into the design school. 

For more details, you can head to our blog about the eligibility for interior design courses. 

So now that you know what boxes to tick off to be eligible for an interior design course. You can go ahead and start researching colleges to kickstart your design career. 

Curriculum and Course Duration 

Admission in Interior Design Course in India What to Expect (1)

We bring good news! Pursuing a bachelor’s in interior design doesn’t only pave the way for a successful future, but it is, in fact, exciting and diverse to journey through the curriculum.  

That’s right, no more basic, boring subjects. This course covers interior design subjects that aim to broaden your perspective on environments.  

Some of the core subjects in the bachelor’s degree of interior design at JD School of Design include: 

  • Fundamentals of interior design. 
  • Interior design 3D software. 
  • Construction materials  
  • Ergonomics  
  • Construction detailing  
  • Basics of lighting  
  • Skill enhancement course. 

To know more, you can check out the curriculum for this 3-year bachelor’s degree in interior design 

So if you’re passionate about design and can’t stop thinking about interiors, then this course might be just right for you.  

Career Opportunities after your Bachelor’s in Interior Design  

Admission in Interior Design Course in India What to Expect (3)

You might have this big question swarming your mind that is- ‘Is interior design a good career?’ As mentioned previously in this blog, interior design is here, and it’s here to stay. So yes, being an interior designer is a great and reputable career.  

Once you start your journey to becoming an interior designer, there are tons of career opportunities knocking at your door. Below we have listed down a few of the most commonly heard career opportunities. 

  • Interior designer 
  • Interior decorator 
  • Set designer  
  • Furniture designers  
  • Digital product designer  
  • Project Coordinator  
  • Visual artist  
  • Materials expert  

Another popular career is starting your interior design consultancy. Although this will require tremendous hard work and dedication, the rewards can be fruitful. Additionally, you could also achieve creative freedom and self-satisfaction. 

Let’s not forget social media. Today, we also see plenty of interior designers as influencers and bloggers. You can start your blog to inspire people around the world and also create digital E-books about your work.  

Just like that, there are an endless number of opportunities in this vast field of design waiting for you. 

Wrapping Up 

So there you have it- a complete guide on what to expect while seeking admission in interior design courses in India. We hope that all your questions and doubts are cleared up by now. By pursuing your passion for interior design, you’ll develop a strong foundation in design principles and also explore your creative side. 

Whether you choose to work with a team, start your firm, or explore other avenues, the options are unlimited! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for JD School of Design’s bachelor’s in interior design course and explore endless career opportunities while living the dream!