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Aloe Vera and Neem: Nature’s favorite skincare combination

Aloe Vera and Neem are nature’s favorite ingredients and also the most inexpensive ones. On a daily basis, we all juggle between body and skincare products and end up in a dilemma. With trendy and attractive products on the shelf, we all know the struggle is real.

Be it summer or monsoon, your skin needs absolute care but wish that was possible without burning a hole in your pocket. That is possible if you peak into your kitchen garden or backyard, the best skincare combination is right there. We are talking about neem and aloe vera.

Why juggle with multiple masks and serums when you can get the benefits in two humble and natural ingredients by mother nature.

Facts about  Aloe vera & Neem you ought to know: Aloe Vera and Neem: Nature’s favorite skincare combination
  • Aloe vera contains 75 potentially active constituents which include vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids.
  • Contains antioxidants like vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E.
  • Neem, especially in the oil format is high on the disinfection quotient.
  • A combination of the Aleo Vera and Neem can help with several skin issues.
Here’s what we love the most about Aloe vera and Neem combination: Aloe Vera and Neem: Nature’s favorite skincare combination
Clear skin, unclogged pores

We are aware of the properties of Neem which help in keeping acne and eruptions on the skin at bay and aloe vera helps in soothing and rejuvenating the skin.

  • Clear out pores
  • Remove blackheads/whiteheads
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Brightens the skin
  • Balances the skin tone
Keeps pollution away from skin: Aloe Vera and Neem: Nature’s favorite skincare combination

Have you wondered why do most of the anti-pollution products for skin contain neem and aloe vera?

While antioxidants in Aloe Vera reverse the effects of sunburns and tan.

Neem on the other hand helps remove the germ buildup on the skin caused by sweat

Together they give lasting protection from environmental damage, especially when used in everyday skin/hygiene products.

Time for skin Hydration:Aloe Vera and Neem: Nature’s favorite skincare combination

The topmost tip to stay hydrated during summer and monsoon is to drink plenty of water but what about your skin?

Aloe vera and neem serve this function too! It moisturizes and freshens the skin, especially when used pre-or during showers.

They can easily be planted at home and used directly. So stick to using these humble products by mother nature to keep your skin healthy.