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Basics Of Hairstyling

Basics of hairstyling is an important part of hairstyling courses. These basics will help the trainee understand and build variations of hairstyles without hindrance and causing any major damage to the client’s hair.

Despite having many hairstyle tutorials online, there are some basic steps that get left out, which also make a crucial part of that hairstyle. When these basic steps are left out, the hairstyle does not turn out as crisp and neat as shown in the tutorials despite using numerous hairstyling products. Here are the basics of hairstyling that will keep the style intact and neat, with or without hair products:

Shampooing And Conditioning
Basics Of Hairstyling

Basics of hairstyling starts with clean and neat hair

It is a well known fact that washed hair is more effective in keeping a hairstyle intact. But there is no reason as to why hairstyles do not sit in place when not washed. Here is why:

  1. Unwashed hair, secrets sebum which is the natural oil from the scalp. Any presence of oil in the hair will not let hairstyling products do their job.
  2. Hair is more than capable of holding back dust and dirt from day-to-day lives  which in turn makes the hair unpleasant to the eye and does not keep the hairstyle intact.
  3. The over secretion of the sebum can cause damage to the hair follicles that can also result in hair fall and scanty hair.

These are some of the reasons that shampooing your hair can benefit in good hairstyling outcomes. When it comes to using a conditioner, many tend to skip this step as it can be time consuming when running late for a meeting or a class. But conditioning your hair is one of the most crucial parts of hairstyling.

When the hair is shampooed, along with dirt, natural oils and pollution, it also removes the moisture content making the hair dry and frizzy. This is where the conditioner works its magic, in restoring the moisture and shine to the hair as well as taming frizzy hair. When the conditioner is applied onto the shampooed hair, the hair loses its moisture which makes it dry and frizzy which will ultimately result in unruly hairstyles or unpleasant ones.

A recent trend of applying conditioner to the hair has been introduced, which has proven to have a magical result on the hair. That is, applying the conditioner twice on the hair, once before shampooing and then after. The end result is shocking, as it leaves behind flawless looking hair with shine like no other. Using a conditioner before shampooing can also be done to remove stubborn knots which will result in cleaner hair as the shampoo can work into the hair removing all pollutants. The use of conditioner after shampooing the hair will do the usual work of restoring moisture and shine to the hair.

One thing that is important to keep in mind while applying conditioner onto the hair is that, it is best to avoid applying the conditioner on the scalp portion as it will increase the sebum secretion making the hair oiler and faster.

Sectioning The Hair
Basics Of Hairstyling

Basics of hairstyling with regards to haircut or hair coloring is hair sectioning for uniformity

Several times, the sectioning of the hair has been skipped for the very same reason that the conditioning of the hair is skipped, because it is time consuming. When it comes to styling the hair, sectioning the hair is extremely crucial as it is this step that will bring uniformity to the style. Whether it is haircuts, hair colouring, or even hair smoothening, sectioning the hair before attempting any of these will help in understanding the requirement of the hair, and how to go about the style. For instance, when a hair is being prepped for styling, the first thing that needs to be looked into is in what condition the hair is in, whether it is clean, what type of haircut was previously chosen, and if there are any other requirements that are needed to  implement the new style. All these factors can only be judged with the help of sectioning the hair. There are three easy ways of sectioning the hair, and these three methods can be used for various types of hairstyling.

Curls Using A Straightener
Basics Of Hairstyling

Hair curling using flat iron is the new curling trick

Hair curls are a fan favourite, no matter the trend change. Over the last few years, as curling became more and more a desired hair do, the cost of curling irons were also hiked. This was not a feasible option for many students and on-budget individuals. This is when the trick of using a flat iron to create simple yet flawless curls had been introduced. This caused every hair enthusiast to go wild and experiment with this hair tool. It was with these experiments that many were able to stay on the trend radar without spending over the top on it. The trick of using a hair straightener to curl the hair worked the best on short and medium length hair as the curls were more defined. Whereas, though the curls were being formed on lengthier hair, they were not as defined as the ones that were achievable with the use of a curling iron. Despite which, many used the flat iron on lengthier hair to achieve a beachy wave for a day-to-day hair look.

Every hairstyling tool in the market can be used to achieve numerous hairstyles, but require immense practice and experiments to achieve the ultimate look desired. The most important thing when using hairstyling tools is that it is crucial to keep them clean and neat after every use, as by not doing so there are chances of damaging the hair.

Frenching Braiding
Basics Of Hairstyling

French braids are the most simple yet classy look for any occasion

The most common hairstyle of all times is braiding. This hairstyle is not only quick and easy, but also protects the hair from damage and pollution. Over the past decades, braiding styles have evolved making the hairstyle not just protective but also quite stylish. There are a variety of braiding styles that are known worldwide today.

The most common among them is the French braid that can be quite difficult to achieve initially, but over practise is one of the most economical and easier hairstyles for a lazy hair day or even a bad one. This hairstyle also pairs well with all kinds of outfits, making it the perfect choice even for a wedding ceremony. The technique of french braiding can be learnt by trial and error method. But the basics of learning french braiding comes with the basic three braiding hairstyle.

Hair Teasing
Basics Of Hairstyling

Hair teasing or backcombing is the perfect way to add volume to your curls

Teasing, also known as backcombing in hairstyling, is used to add volume and lucious effect to the hair. Teasing is mostly used with curls, to add that extra volume and hype. Backcombing or teasing of the hair is done by repeatedly combing the hair towards the scalp until the desired volume is achieved. This technique requires a lot of practice as over teasing of the hair can cause stubborn knots on removal and can result in hair loss. Therefore, understanding the concept of back combing before putting it into practice.

Hair Rolling
Basics Of Hairstyling

Hair rollers are still the best way to curl the hair without causing hair damage

Curling the hair, as mentioned above can be done using a flat iron or a curling iron, but there is also another way of curling the hair, giving it a 90’s touch, by using hair rollers. Hair rollers were first used back in 1872. It was the first most easiest hairdo that kept the women back then in style. Hair roller, even till date, is being used by many, as it is not only less time consuming but also does not cause any hair damage. When using a hair roller, the first step is to understand the hair and section it according to the haircut. Hair rollers are to be used to wet hair, as the curls will only then be defined. Hair rollers come in various sizes for various styles and parts of the hair.

Basics of hairstyling in a whole, is a vast concept that requires training and practice. Hairstyling as a profession requires creativity and ability to visualise what is the best choice of hairstyle for the individual and the occasion. To understand in this depth, JD Institute offers Hairstyle Artistry courses that prepare you professionally for all outcomes of hairstyling from basics up to advanced tools.