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Beyond Binary Fashion for the Third Gender Thumbnail

Designers: Rashi & Ayesha

Beyond Binary: Fashion for the Third Gender

The collection – Beyond Binary: Fashion for the Third Gender is inspired by Prachi Rathod, the first doctor from the transgender community. The garments designed honor the strength and resilience of the transgender community, with a focus on colors that signify boldness and courage. The collection celebrates transgender women who have achieved success and overcome significant challenges. The design features a range of versatile and stylish garments that promote power dressing and boost confidence, with input from transgender women. The color palette includes bold and vibrant hues that represent the community’s strength and diversity. The collection highlights the achievements of transgender women who have broken down barriers and paved the way for future generations. The clothing line celebrates the transgender community, promotes empowerment, and showcases the resilience of transgender women who have overcome adversity to achieve success.

The collection won the Best Inclusive & Ethical Award.

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