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User Experience (UX) Design is an up-and-coming field that has taken the world by storm. It focuses on making digital experiences accessible, engaging and user-friendly. Being a key element of application, webpage and game design, individuals on a UX design career path are in high demand. With the massive leaps being made by technology, the demand for UX designers is expected to grow and diversify exponentially in the next two years.

Is UX design a good career? As digital workspaces and digitisation of workplace operations expand, UX designers will have to step in to make technology extremely user-friendly and streamlined. According to Forbes, UI/UX Design is one of the top 5 in-demand tech skills for 2023. Simply put, the future of UX Design Careers looks bright, innovative and dynamic. In this blog, we will probe the field of UX design and understand its nature, skillsets and how to get a UX design job.

Introduction to UX Design

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User experience (UX) design is a rapidly growing field that deals with creating digital products or services that are user-friendly, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing. It involves a wide range of tasks that determine the success of digital products, such as conducting user research, understanding user interactions, and translating client expectations in a digital format. UX Designers work on mobile applications, websites, software interfaces and sometimes in product design and visual design of tangible products.

UX design primarily focuses on enhancing user experience, engagement, and retention. The Key principles of UX design thus become to create a product that is:

  • Useful: A product must be able to do what it’s designed for and have a tangible purpose.
  • Useable: A product must be designed to be presented in ways that make it useable to most people. This involves creating an accessible and easy-to-use product that is ergonomic and practical.
  • Desirable: The product must be desirable, which keeps users coming back. This involves aesthetics, ease of use, and problem-solving.

It is predicted that as technology and artificial intelligence advance, new jobs related to the digital sphere will be invented in the next decade. In fact, most jobs that 2030’s college graduates will be hired for are yet to be invented. The scope of UI/UX design is consequently expected to expand even further.

The Process of UX Design

The process of UX design contains the following steps:

  • Understand: Define use cases, conduct user research, create user personas
  • Research: Understand the latest UI/UX Trends, Analyze the competition
  • Sketch: Brainstorm and sketch potential ideas, build off of feedback
  • Design: Design mockups and prototypes and refine them based on feedback
  • Test: Conduct usability testing and find areas for improvement
  • Implement: Build the experience

Career Objective for UX Designer: The Skills Required

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UX design is the ideal career choice for people who are as creative as they are analytical. A typical UX designer job description tends to include the following skills:

UX Wireframes

User experience wireframes are visual mockups of mobile apps and websites that showcase the basic outline and structure of the user interface. These mockups can be made using tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch.

User Research and Understanding User Behaviour

UX designers conduct research to understand users’ needs, psychology and behaviour. This research is translated into an accessible and integrated user experience.

User Interface Design

User interface (UI) design is a closely related but different concept to UX design. If UX is the way a customer experiences a product, UI is the medium through which customers interact with the product. UI designers make platforms attractive and easier to navigate.


JavaScript is a programming language that helps create code for apps and websites. It is a master at adding interactive and engaging elements to these platforms and helps streamline the user experience when moving around on an app or webpage.


Creating a working model of a UX product is done through prototyping. This product allows users to test and improve on the design of software in real time before releasing it.

Visual Design

A digital product’s visual appeal and navigability are determinants of user satisfaction and experience. Having an eye for aesthetics and detail is an important skill for any UX designer.

Communication Skills

Communication skills required to understand the client’s briefs and user research and translate those into an appealing product are essential.

Education and Training Required for UX Design

UX design requires a plethora of creative and analytical skills and is a very desirable skill set to have. UX design courses are developed to disseminate the knowledge and skills to translate available knowledge into attractive designs. JD School of Design has attractive degree courses in UI/UX design which focus on innovation, sustainability and ethicality – the pillars for an upcoming technological revolution.

How to Start A Career in UX Design: Potential Career Paths

Worried about the future of UX designer. Here are some of the potential career paths for UX designers are:

UX Designer

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UX designers create and design intuitive and engaging user interfaces for websites, mobile apps and software. UX designers translate user data into tangible products that enhance user experience.

UX Researcher

UX researchers understand and interpret user behavior’s, interactions and preferences to guide design decisions. They act as the knowledge resource to designers to ensure the product reflects user needs and preferences.

Usability Tester

Usability testers assess prototypes and mockups for efficiency, accessibility and appeal. They identify areas for improvement and coordinate with the design team to provide valuable feedback on the cohesiveness and accessibility of a digital product.

UI Designer

UI designers create visually appealing and easy-to-navigate user interfaces by translating user data into tangible products. They polish the medium through which users experience a digital product and guide users to relevant actions in flow.

Information Architect

Information architects structure information in ways that makes it accessible, readable and navigable. They are responsible for determining the flow and coherence in a product’s interface.

UX Writer

UX writers are responsible for generating content for websites and apps in concise and understandable ways.


UX design is one of the career paths on the precipice of exploding into a digital revolution. It’s a career that involves creativity, analytical skills and a deep understanding of human behavior’s. With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 3D rendering, UX designers will enter a world full of possibilities in this decade. If you want to be a part of the change, take the first step toward your UX design career today!

One of the best ways to get on the UX Design train is to study the reputed Master’s Program in User Experience and Interface Design by the JD School of Design. A modern course for the modern designer, this course focuses on innovation, ethicality and sustainability in creating seamless digital interfaces. Check it out and experience the difference!