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Cafit- A Tribute To Homemakers And Their Wellbeing

Designer: Karen Maryann Albuquerque

Cafit- A Tribute To Homemakers And Their Wellbeing

Karen Maryann Albuquerque, a student of JD School of Design, Goa pursuing her Bsc in  Interior Design showcased her design which she had named ‘Cafit’ at JD Design Awards 2023. It is a destination for fitness and relaxation. It is a societal fitness centre design created as a tribute to homemakers and  their physical wellness by the designer. 

Designed to provide customers with a variety of wellness services under one roof incorporating workout equipment, protein rich eateries and a yoga space, Cafit is the perfect space to achieve physical and mental wellbeing. The facility also has several areas dedicated to different activities.

The Fitness Center area of the facility is typically dedicated to exercise equipment, such as weightlifting machines, cardio machines, and free weights. The fitness centre also has a space for group fitness classes, such as spin classes or HIIT workouts. The Yoga Studio is a peaceful and quiet space for customers to practise yoga, meditation, or other mindful activities. The studio also offers a variety of Yoga classes, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga. Cafit also has a café which is a great place for customers to relax and refuel after a workout or yoga session. The café offers healthy snacks, smoothies, and coffee, keeping in mind the health of the customers. 

Cafit- A Tribute To Homemakers And Their Wellbeing

The Designer has used different materials like plywood, cardboard, ice-cream sticks, barbeque sticks, plastic sheet, textured paper (reused from packages boxes etc.) for the walls and base. For the small scale model, the designer has used materials like toothpicks, packaging foam, paper, waste materials (pens, earrings, nails, etc.) bamboo and legos to curate furniture and equipment.

The overall design of the Cafit is typically designed to promote a healthy and positive environment for customers. Customers may come to the facility for a variety of reasons, such as to improve their physical fitness, mental wellbeing, or to socialise with like minded individuals.

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