Carpet cleaning hacks 101

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Carpet cleaning hacks 101

Carpet cleaning is one of the basic cleaning processes every individual needs to carry out. The feeling of a home is fragmented without hygiene. If the house is not clean, it can take away the happiness of the people living there with miscellaneous health issues.

Carpet cleaning hacks 101
Carpet cleaning hacks 101

While there are so many cleaning hacks, a carpet is one of the important accessories that need to be cleaned. A clean carpet reflects the hygiene of the entire room. With carpets largely found in living rooms, cleaning them becomes basic.

In this blog, let’s find out simple carpet cleaning hacks to keep your carpet minty fresh:

1. Get your iron to work the stains away

If there is any way to avoid stains, we would surely recommend it. However, stains are inevitable. Instead, we have come up with a hack to get the stains off the carpet:

Vacuum the stained area to remove hard particles that cannot be done manually.
Add a mixture of water and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio.
Leave it for a few minutes.
Place a towel on the surface of the stained area.
Apply heated iron. This allows the heat to transfer to the towel.

Carpet cleaning hacks 1012. Battle out oil stains with baking soda

Oil stains happen to be a destructive agent in ruining the carpet as a whole. Carpet cleaning in such a case needs to be extremely strong to be able to pull the oil stains off the surface of the carpet. Apply baking soda on the oil-stained area freehandedly. The baking soda absorbs the stain. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb any remaining stain.

Carpet cleaning hacks 101
Carpet cleaning hacks 101 – Battle out oil stains with baking soda
3. How to get the fluff back on the carpet?

Furniture often tends to leave annoying impressions on the carpet, so much so that the impressions look like small dents. But you would be surprised to know that a small ice cube is enough to get the carpet back to its original shape. This little trick works on impressions caused by any furniture irrespective of its weight and size.
Place a normal ice cube on the dented surface and let it melt.
Blot the excess water and iron the surface.
Dry the surface with a dry towel.
The dents go back to their original shape in some time.

Carpet cleaning hacks 101
Carpet cleaning hacks 101 – How to get the fluff back on the carpet?
4. Ugh! Pet hair

Pet hair is a deadly threat to carpets. Carpet cleaning in a house with pets is almost as close to impossible, they say. It is anything but the truth. Because pet hair is too small to clean manually, a squeegee (used to clean windows) is effective enough to get pet hair off the carpet.
NOTE: the squeegee works more effectively when it is dipped in water.

Carpet cleaning hacks 101
Carpet cleaning hacks 101 – How to clean pet hair off the carpet?

Carpet cleaning is an exigent part of cleaning a house. While carpets represent comfort and warmth, a clean carpet reflects the effectiveness of comfort and warmth. If you wish to study interior design, click JD Institute of Fashion Technology offering the best interior design education in South India.