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Change is rising: JD Annual Design Awards 2018

JD Institute of Fashion Technology steps into the unique and innovative way of everything. To justify this, JD Annual Design Awards is organized every year to bring out the best from the students and conclude the future of fashion. On its 30th JD  Annual Design Awards Night, a 2-day fashion show was set up on June 1st and 2ndat Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. The mood of this years was one of glamour, exuberance and CHANGE, as designers tapped on their problem-solving skills to bring a new interpretation in the Design on the grounds of sustainability, innovation and ethical values.

Abuse of power and use is something that happens in every industry around the world, but the fashion industry should be an example to stop it. The problem got the JEDIIIANS thinking about what the future should look like and led to strive a difference for the betterment of the entire eco-system. On this extravaganza night, the fashion design course students altered the existing norms of negligence with a fresh breeze of thoughts and a change in the design. As responsible designers, they took the initiative to work on concepts which revolved around developing sustainable clothing to promote holistic living, sanitation, mental and physical health as a part of social sustainability and human values.

The Runway witnessed extraordinary design excellence and innovative skills of the graduating students which were spread between two days. A variety of design and ideas were presented from tea bag collections, size adjustable garments to technology chip inserted ones. Sustainable denim, contemporary yoga wear, weekend wear and tailored designs were spotted on the ramp. Each collection was girded by immense research, fabrics, techniques and crafts that paved the way for real innovation without compromising the needs of future generation. Committed to bringing a change in the fashion and designing for a purpose, the students explored recyclable materials, designed for visually impaired people and opened the doors of the new interpretation. The Outstanding event was the boost for students of JD Institute to knock the door of the competitive world and flaunt their acumen. The students were honoured to present their collection in front of Ms Jyotsna Dalal (the JD herself) and the Directors from Mumbai and Delhi, top industry experts and famous fashion bloggers who acknowledged them for their vision.

The essence of this Annual awards night is not about making something random for the people. It’s more about putting their emotion, mental energy and physical labour into a line and bring a difference. It’s a moment of pride and honour as students are succeeding with their ideation and execution of their collection with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Change is rising: JD Annual Design Awards 2018

An unrivalled platform for the promotion of new talent, the show showcases collections made out of tea bags