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Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!

Cleaning a beauty blender is now every makeup enthusiast nightmare. Not everyone has the time or patience in today’s day and age to clean their makeup tools. But it is one of the most important and also the cause of many skin diseases. Keeping your makeup tools and hair clean should be every makeup enthusiast’s main priority.

There are many techniques to clean a beauty blender, including the mini washing machine that most people are obsessed with. There are also some DIY’s that make cleaning a beauty blender a 30 seconds job, like throwing your beauty blender into the microwave with a solution of water and soap. This method is not recommended, until you are planning on ruining the blender.

Though there are many techniques, technologies, and DIY’s to cleaning a beauty blender, there is always an easier, quicker, and cheaper way. Here are 4 method on cleaning a beauty blender without the hustle and bustle: 

1. Water And Soap
Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!

Water and soap solution to clean beauty blenders

The most basic and simplest way of cleaning a beauty blender is to use water and soap. Yes, it is as simple as that. When it comes to choosing soaps, you need not have to think too much, as you can use both the solid and liquid soap. The creators of beauty blenders, have also launched their own blender cleansing liquid that is more effective and cheaper than any other product for cleaning a beauty blender in the market. Apart from this, regular soap and shampoo can also be used.

There are two ways on how you can simplify cleaning a beauty blender:

  1. You can make a solution or water and soap and soak the sponge  in for about 10 to 15 minutes
  2. You can makeup your beauty blender damp and apply soap on it ( if liquid, than 2 to 3 drops should do the job, and if solid, rub the beauty blender on the surface of the soap until it begins to lather well) and using your fingers, rub the beauty blender well  until you see the makeup product build-up coming out.

For either of these methods, it is important to make sure that your beauty blender is damp, so that it can absorb the soap solution or liquid well.

2. Silicone Mat 
Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!

Silicone Cleaning Mat Used To Clean A Beauty Blender

There are many obsession worthy products in the market, one of them being the silicone makeup brush cleaning mat. This mat has different textured surfaces that help loosen the bristles of the makeup brush so as to get to all the parts of the blender that have makeup product build-up.

This mat can also be used in cleaning a beauty blender. Similar to the basic cleaning method, the first step is to dampen your beauty blender, add 2 to 3 drops of liquid soap or rub the beauty blender on the surface of the soap gently until the lather build-up is visible. Once the lather is built, rub the beauty blender on the surface of the mat, gently until the makeup build-up is seen wearing out. Keep the beauty blender rotating so as to get all the makeup product build-up out.

3. Soak And Rinse
Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!

Soaking Method For Cleaning Beauty Blender

Sometimes, when the beauty blender is not cleaned as often as it is supposed to be, the makeup product build-up turns into a stain that is not only visually unappealing but is also very unhygienic. In such cases, it is best to leave the beauty blender soaked in a mixture of soap and water solution for over an hour, ,or until the makeup product build-up is completely off. After the process of soaking, you can rinse the beauty blender under running water until all the soap is washed off.

4. Cleansing Oils 
Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!

The Miracle Method To Clean Blenders

We all know that water and oil do not work together. But in this case, it is the perfect match. Using a cleansing oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil before using soap, helps in cleaning a beauty blender effectively.

All you need to do is apply the desired amount of oil onto your beauty blender and massage the oil into the beauty blender until it is completely drenched. Further, add a few drops of water and liquid soap or rub the oil filled beauty blender on the surface of the soap until a smooth lather has been built. Following the basic cleaning method, complete the process. This method is proven to result in a dirty blender to a new looking one.

Cleaning a beauty blender can be made easy using the above methods. More so, these methods can be done within a time frame of you having your breakfast in the morning, or you prepping for bed at night. Keeping your makeup tools and hair tools clean, helps you also achieve a perfect application of makeup.

Cleaning A Beauty Blender: 4 Methods That Work!