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BSc in Interior Design – Goa University – 3 Years

This three-year intrinsic course is designed for students with an interest to learn the finer aspects of interior design and development. At JD Institute, we ensure that there are consistent opportunities for anyone to develop their skills and open different facets to showcase their creativity. This course will keep you engaged with an approach that focuses largely on the practical aspects combined with an apt amount of theory and extensive knowledge of market trends


Interior Design is a multifaceted course that help students to identify with and learn finer aspects of functional design and aesthetic use of space. The BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration course offered by JD institute focuses on preparing students to develop a unique innovative design style and explore their creativity to brighten any given interior space. This three-year extensive course in Interior Design and Decoration will ensure that you get a hands-on experience about the process required to plan, develop and execute an aesthetically pleasing interior space. This BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration course is affiliated to the Bangalore University and applicable specifically to the Bangalore Campus of JD Institute

The three-year course of BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Emphasises on learning important interior designs and spatial decoration recommended by renowned practitioners
  • Develops the ability to comprehend modern aspects of Interior Design through practical and theoretical projects
  • Focuses on the integral elements of Interior Design & Decoration such as, Colour and lighting, Furniture in interiors, Floriculture and landscaping, Consumer and merchandising, etc.
  • Develops the idea of deliberating on the evolving trends, contemporary norms, cultural dynamics and innovations of Interior Design and Decorations both in, Indian and International market
  • Provides opportunities to students to showcase their design work through presentations, portfolio, and exhibitions

The BSc. course in Interior Design and Decoration will help our students to:

  • Attain a strong sense of imaginative thinking and forecasting to create trends in the field of Interior Design
  • Achieve the technical skills required to conceptualize and design interior spaces for homes, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces
  • Apply their theoretical knowledge in practical surroundings within the Interior Design industry
  • Acquire the knowledge of the different stages in Interior Designing, beginning from developing a concept to delivering it to the consumers


  • Design Thinking
  • Anthropometry & Ergonomics
  • Interior Design I – Fundamentals
  • Construction Material I
  • 2D & 3D Graphics
  • Constitution of India & Human Rights
  • History of Interior Design
  • Material Survey
  • Interior Design II – Colors
  • Construction Materials II
  • Furniture Design I
  • Environment & Public Health
  • Interior Services I – Lighting
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Interior Design III – Space Planning (Residence)
  • Construction & Detailing
  • Furniture Design II
  • Indian History, Culture & Diversity
  • Interior Services II – Plumbing, Sanitation & Fire Safety
  • Estimation, Costing & Specification for Interiors
  • Interior Design IV – Working Drawing (Commercial/Office)
  • CAD in Interiors I (AutoCAD)
  • SketchUp & V-Ray
  • Life Skills & Personality Development
  • Interior Design V – Construction Management
  • Textile & Accessories for Interiors
  • CAD in Interiors II (Photoshop)
  • Advanced CAD in Interiors (3Ds Max)
  • Model Making & Furniture Design
  • Internship
  • Interior Design VI – Professional Practice
  • Sustainable / Environmental Design
  • Interior Services III – Acoustics
  • Portfolio Design for Interiors
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Project (Thesis)


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