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Diploma in Fashion Photography – (03 Months – Saturdays Only)

(27 customer reviews)

Duration : 03 Months (10 AM – 02 PM)

Eligibility : SSC (10th Standard), +2 or graduation of any stream
Availability : Bangalore | Cochin  | Goa | Hyderabad | Vijayawada


JD Institute of Fashion Technology centres in Bangalore, Cochin and Goa offer a three-month Diploma in Fashion Photography. The course introduces students to the various practices that inform fashion photography. Students acquire the technical skill-set required for photography and identify with various tools related to developing images for editorial and commercial fashion photography.

Diploma in Fashion Photography trains students with the skill and aptitude required to meet the standards of the fashion and photography industry, and the capability to carry out professional practice. This short-term course integrates classroom learning with practical training and live projects. The program is apt for all levels of aspiring or established photographers, from advanced to beginners as it develops their practice in photography.

The three-month Diploma in Fashion Photography offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Develop and train students to conceptualise and execute fashion photography shoots.
  • Provide an in-depth understanding about the usage of light to create expressive and impressive fashion pictures.
  • Teaches the importance of body language, getting the right expressions, emotions, and moods required for a fashion shoot
  • Conveys an intense knowledge of the technical aspects of a camera, its working and its usage.

Post completion of Diploma in Fashion Photography, students will be able to:

  • Encapsulate the entire medium of visual image from a technical as well as from an artistic point of view.
  • Imagine, communicate and implement the technical skill sets required for the practice of fashion photography.
  • Attain a clear-cut knowledge of handling the technical aspects of a camera and its usage.
  • Professionally practice their own work and meet the standards of the industry.

Post completion of the Diploma in Fashion Photography, the student acquires work opportunity in:

  1. Still-life Photography
  2. Industrial Photography
  3. Wedding photography
  4. Events Photography
  5. Editorial Photography
  6. Advertising Photography

Diploma in Fashion Photography offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology highlights the following:

  • The course emphasises on an in-depth understanding of the art of photography, from developing to executing an idea under the guidance of eminent faculty with years of experience.
  • The program encourages students to be part of various technical partnerships and workshops with many leading brands of camera manufacturers.
  • The course curriculum concentrates on limited intake which in turn ensures individual attention to all the students involved.
  • The program provides students with an opportunity to exhibit their images in a public forum in front of powerful industry networks.
  • Develops their creative identity and enables them to question and in turn, investigate the scope of fashion photography, its evolving ways of working and application.


  • History And Introduction Of Photography.
  • Cameras/ Different Formats In Digital Camera
  • Core Camera Skills And Working Knowledge Of DSLR
  • Lenses And Focal Lengths
  • Filters
  • Composition And Understanding A Photographic Design From Point Of Visualization
  • Visual Aesthetics For Photography
  • Lighting
  • Self-promotion
  • Final Project


27 reviews for Diploma in Fashion Photography – (03 Months – Saturdays Only)

  1. Peethambaram

    Great, beeing a student in JD, training with professional exposer. Learning from most experienced faculity from the industry was the best part for both personal and professional life.

  2. Shishira n m

    Being part of a photography dept… Was the best experience…our mentor was also very friendly… we almost got to learn basics to intermediate level of photography including various techniques of lighting and also understand to work with all other genre’s in photography.

  3. Apeksha

    A fun learning experience. Kishore sir is the best.

  4. Apeksha

    a good experience. (Photography department)

  5. Ajin Raj C

    I started off with the three months course In Fashion Photography and gained quite a lot experience and explosure. If you are someone who loves to learn about fashion lifestyle and to be a part of it, I just would recommend JD, if you are just starting out!
    Thank you so much Kishore sir to enlight my kinda lights and shadows!

  6. Guru Basavaraj

    Got to meet new and interesting people around. Good mentor. Best experience.

  7. Carl

    Mr. Kishore is very knowledgeable about the subject and it was a pleasure learning under his guidance.

  8. AbhijitReddy

    To hv mentor like Kishore sir is such great thing teaching us all the techniques and aspects of fashion photography had great time in learning in jd made new frds,contacts and memories Thank u Kishore sir for everything #Jd

  9. Juwin

    A fun learning experience.got to learn a lot of new things.

  10. Sahil G

    Great learning experience being mentored by Kishore sir

  11. Raaj

    Had an incredible learning experience. Learnt great deal about lightings, settings and makeup. It helped me a lot to become better photographer from an amateur.
    Thanks to our mentor for providing guidance and oppurtunity to learn and evolve. Last but not least met some amazing people and made good friendship goals.

  12. Chandan

    Best institute to learn photography
    Thank you Kishore sir,a great mentor helped us to learn photography.
    Thank you JD Institute.

  13. Rahul

    Great course.As fashion photography This course has really help me alot and know about the photograph apart from this had a great time in JD.friends, memories,events, collaborations… and I’m so thankful to kishore sir for supporting and putting such a great course for learners.

  14. Varun reddy

    I have successfully completed here diploma in fashion photography and This is the best place of learning photography, Perfect environment and perfect facultie and perfect learning. About education here you can enroll only if want to learn new things & you are focused about your career. I must say jd institute is best for career & your growth
    Special thanks to Kishore sir he has great knowledge on photography, he is very friendly & great menor

  15. Harikrishna

    When I joined in the Jd as photography student came of with too many losses already Jd Institute of fashion technology is the place which motivated me as a person how to conquer my self and push forward and as well as photographer too. The teaching department is unique of their own way can’t explain in words how great they are I just proud of my self being a student in JD Institute of fashion technology.

  16. Keerthi Prashanth Seetharaman

    Meeting a mentor like Kishore sir, where you can just for a while talk about yourself in your photography work situation, without having to explain the context, as they already understand that, and don’t have to be worried it will be taken wrong or be shared, is such a luxury, I can only recommend it to everyone who is considering this. Just by talking to Kishore sir with insider knowledge, helps to crystalise my own thoughts and, with their help and guidance, decide on the next steps to take and that can happen only on one of the top and best institute which is JD Institute of Fashion technology.

  17. Shivani

    It was not only a great learning experience in so many ways, but also a platform with many opportunities.
    Thank you so much Kishor sir❤ .
    Thank you JD for being so student oriented!

  18. Shoha

    Best place to learn fashion photography. Kishor Sir is a great mentor. Very encouraging and patient. One of the best teachers I’ve ever come across. He has a complete knowledge of what he teaches and has an answer to all our doubts.I highly recommend JD institute. Best learning environment and exposure for photography as well as other fashion related courses.

  19. Vijay Kumar

    Hi everyone
    This is Vijay here ..
    I thank my tutor Mr Kishore Ramachandra.. for all the efforts in teaching , guiding and helping me in pursuing my fashion photography. I am grateful to you sir for shaping me into what am in in photography now..

  20. Imran

    Got to learn a lot of things from the course with experienced mentor Kishore sir. Definitely recommend to people interested in photography.

  21. Sandhya. P

    It was my best decision to join JD institute. They helped gain greater insights of the field. They have the best mentor and good equipments to extend our knowledge. It’s truly worth it, joyful and deep learning. Best thing anyone can do. Wonderful experience.
    Thanks JD

  22. Kushal

    A great course for the beginners and also gives us a hands on experience on how the industry works

  23. Rajesh

    The 3months its was very intensive and exciting each class. Learned the technical and practical aspects of photography. Which helped me to understand and adopt to different style of photography from fashion to food etc., JD Institute fashion photography dept has provided all the tools and equipment’s for the shoot better learning and experience. And I need to thank my mentor Mr. Kishore for guiding me and other students very well.

  24. Sharath Nagaraj

    JD is the perfect platform to learn basic and advanced photography skills.
    Learning photography from Mentor Kishor sir proved to be a great experience. His knowledge of photography is enormous, and I enjoyed learning under his guidance.
    Thank you sir

  25. Prerna

    Being a part of JD institute as a photography student was an invaluable experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Kishore sir. His classes gave an in-depth knowledge about the art and science of photography, and made me capable enough to turn my hobby into a profession. He’s always so friendly and patient, and takes time out to clear your doubts within and outside the classes. The diploma is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals, and a great way to start out your career in the industry. Thank you Kishore sir, you’re the reason I can confidently handle my camera today!

  26. Lohith B S

    One of the best institution for fashion photography in Bangalore. Was very fortunate to have a great mentor like Kishore sir who has a vast and in-depth knowledge in the photography field. Would definitely recommend to all my fellow friends who are interested in photography to join the photography course in JD Institute under the mentorship of Kishore Sir.

  27. Yash

    I joined for the photography course. This is a fantastic institution. I joined for a It is highly recommended for everyone interested in photography. Specially recommended for the beginners. Kishore sir approaches things in a calm and fascinating manner. He begins at the bottom and works his way up to gain a better understanding of how the photography industry operates. I was enthralled by the method of instruction. They provide instruction in all aspects of photography. This is an excellent institution. JD Institute deserves kudos!

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