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Diploma in Interior Design : 1 Year

Interior Designing is a fast growing professional field with the Real Estate and Construction Industry playing a vital role in its growth. The 1-Year Diploma program in Interior Designing from JD Institute is focused on creative planning and skilled design of interior spaces .



The 1-year Diploma program in interior designing is for someone who has an eye for detail, and wants to learn the finer aspects of interior design and decorationInterior design is a fast growing professional field with the real estate and construction industry playing a vital role in its growth. It is a very expressive art and requires designers to be constantly on their feet with ideas and creative inputs. The Interior Design courses from JD Institute is focused on creative planning and skilled design space ideas.

  • The interdisciplinary module focuses on methodological and technical approach.
  • Equips the learner with an understanding of various interior design styles.
  • The Diploma in Interior Designing, helps the student to understand furnishings and materials and also helps them to get acquainted with the art and science of creating harmony with colours, textures and patterns.
  • The learners will understand the constantly evolving landscape of interior design by keeping in mind the varying tastes and preferences of different demographics and cultures.
  • This Interior design programme provides students with a platform to fully develop their latent creative skills and express their views.
  • The students are encouraged to develop a creative, artistic, individual and imaginative approach towards interior design.
  • Regular industry interaction with experts an opportunity to participate in exhibitions and workshops helps in acquiring in-depth knowledge of the field.
  • Students will develop projects as a part of their final submission.
  • The students will be able to conceptualise and design interiors for home, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces.
  • One can work as an interior designer, visualizer, set designer, and interior decorator.
  • History of interior design
  • Graphic presentation (basic)
  • Orthographic projection
  • Interior design (basic)
  • Elements of design
  • Construction techniques (basic)
  • Role of an interior designer
  • Professional practice
  • Annual design project


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