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Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) – 6 Months

The 6-months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology is recommended for anyone who is into the art and business of Jewellery Designing. The industry of Jewellery Design is witnessing a rapid growth in both, national and international market and the 6-months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) is an apt course to make headway into the world of Jewellery Design.


The 6-months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology trains an individual to become a jewellery designer by enabling them to acquire the skills and techniques behind the art of designing enchanting jewellery. This diploma course recommended for anyone who is into the family business of jewellery and wants to sharpen his/her skill or an individual who is interested in joining the business of jewellery, an industry that is seeing a rapid growth in India as well as in the international market. It offers a launch pad for creative minds to learn new skills and techniques in the highly exciting and creative field of jewellery making.

The 6-months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Helps learners to combine creativity, technical skills, innovation and research to create unique jewellery design
  • Includes a module that borrows heavily from the rich historical heritage of India and other countries to ensure that it is in line with current market trends
  • Offers in-depth understanding of all the processes involved in designing jewellery: nature of raw materials used, common design patterns, the ergonomics of fine craft meeting real world treatment and other designers and market related considerations
  • Helps the students to master the fundamentals of CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD is used to teach the students the finer tricks of creating the most sensational designs that can be quickly and more easily perceived and judged as compared to the traditional modes of design creation

Post completion of the 6-months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD), you will be able to:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge and understanding in the conceptualization, design and development of unique jewellery pieces
  • Learn marketing and management skills, including promotion strategies of different jewellery products
  • Assess materials, develop aesthetic skills and work around craftsmanship skills required to make exquisite jewellery design


  • Basic design creation
  • Let’s start creations
  • Creation: ring
  • Creation: pendants
  • Creation: earrings
  • Creation: bracelets
  • Creation: necklaces
  • Creation: accessories
  • Rendering
  • Colouring rendering
  • Client designing
  • Manufacturing of precious and costume jewellery
  • Metallurgy
  • Gemmology
  • Examination, submission of project
  • Manufacturing & processing
  • Marketing & processing
  • Marketing
  • Designer collection
  • Annual design project


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