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Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry – 4 Months

Master the field of Make-up and Hairstyle with the 4 Months Diploma in Make-up and Hairstyle Artistry course offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Touted as one of the best beauty courses for artistic individuals who want to make a mark in this glamorous field. The demand for make-up artists and hair stylists has increased by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. The time to pursue a career in the field is absolutely robust in today’s age and thus this course will give you exposure to sustain in the competitive market.


Make-up and Hairstyle Artistry has had a great growth as a career prospect in the past decade. Besides being an incredible hobby and passion, the field of make-up and hair style artistry has established itself as a full-fledged career. This 4 Months course offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the felicitous choice for anyone willing to pursue this dazzling career. One of the major highlights is that the course is led by an expert make-up artist with several years of experience that will help an aspirant to gain deep knowledge. The course is specially designed to help novices to turn into expert Make-up and Hairstyle Artists who will become adept at creating varied looks with ease based on the occasion and the requirements.

The 4 Months Diploma in Make-up and Hairstyle Artistry offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Helps you gain the skills required to be a professional Make-up and Hairstyle artist in 4 Months
  • Trains students in the art of Make-up and Hairstyling with the help of advanced tools and techniques
  • Opportunities such as, exposure to global industry standards and exhibitions of live projects
  • Provides students with the visibility required to create a dynamic interface with the experts of Make-Up and Hair Styling Industry
  • Gives thorough knowledge about the use of Make-up and Hair Styling in print film, television, theatre, weddings and other forms of media.

Post completion of the 4 Months Diploma course in Make-up and Hairstyle Artistry, you will be able to:

  • Identify yourself as a chartered professional artist in the world of Make-up and Hairstyling
  • Learn the importance of choosing the appropriate make-up and hairstyling products
  • Provide inputs to clients in regards to the products to ensure that there is no damage done to the skin and hair
  • Collaborate with the photography department and analyse the relation of different Make-up and Hair Styling design with the camera

There is a major rise in the requirement for professional Make-up and Hair Styling artists around the globe. Industries such as, Print Film, Television, Theatre, Weddings and other forms of media, are eagerly looking for the right talent to come by to augment their operations. Post completion of the 4 Months Diploma in Make-up and Hair Style Artistry offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, you will also able to:

  • Start your own beauty business or work with well-known salons in the country.
  • Build your career in the industries such as, Bridal Make-up and Hair Styling, Make-up and Hair Stylist for Entertainment Industry, Personal Grooming, etc.
  • Become leaders in the Make-up and Hair Styling Industry


• Introduction about Makeup & The Industry
• Practical Session. What is a Pre Base?
• Practical Session. How to Cover Up Skin Variation?
• Study of Facial Shapes
• Eye Makeup
• Recap & Practice Session
• Demonstration on Day Makeup
• Bridal Makeup
• Fashion & Media Makeup
• Makeup for Men
• A Written Test of the Entire Makeup Module
• Portfolio Shoot
• Presentation


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