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Diploma in Visual Merchandising – 6 Months

The 6-months Diploma in Visual Merchandising offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge about the fast growing field of Visual Merchandising. JD Institute offers one of the best comprehensive courses in the field of Visual Merchandising which is the specific art of displaying fashion merchandise in a manner that appeals to a potential customer.


“Visual merchandising is an indispensable retail discipline, consisting of a series of practical selling tools that are used to influence what and how much consumers buy.” ~Karl McKeever

The Diploma Course in Visual Merchandising offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology is a 6-months comprehensive course that aims at imparting extensive knowledge in the fast-growing field of retail merchandising. This diploma course is designed to identify with the specific art of displaying any kind of merchandising in a manner that appeals and attracts potential customers. One of the best Fashion, Art, and Design colleges, JD Institute of Fashion Technology ensures that the training and learning procedure is rigorous and challenging. The students are guided to understand consumer’s buying psychology, the potential of sales in terms of the appropriate display in places such as, retail shops, showrooms, windows, signboards, interiors and other promotional drives. With JD Institute of Fashion Technology, you receive the best guidance which includes more industrial exposure under the right industry experts.

The 6-months Diploma in Visual Merchandising offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Helps students to learn how to correlate merchandise and display it in a very desirable manner for the potential clients
  • Focuses on consumer behaviour and how one can maximize profitability through visual display by creating a unique buying experience for the customers
  • Imparts knowledge on the latest technology and importance of visual merchandising in today’s world
  • Helps students to understand the importance of colour theories for promotional displays
  • Encourages students to understand about merchandising strategies required for retail market
  • Emphasises on interesting workshops, inputs from industry stalwarts, being involved in an open and free-thinking environment
  • Guides students on how to develop and execute displays for promotional events and exhibitions

Post completion of the Diploma course in Visual Merchandising, you will be able to:

  • Learn the layout of retail space, space assignment, product grouping, colour, lighting, window display and elements of visual communication, including the presentation method
  • Analyse the current trend and technology in the merchandising and retail industry
  • Learn the art of creating, developing and executing merchandising in the right way to attract a lot of potential customers
  • Develop and prepare for intense training with the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical implementation

A visual merchandiser has a very big role in today’s retail industry owing to the intense competition among brands. The 6-months Diploma course in Visual Merchandising offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology helps you make a distinct mark in the world of Retail Merchandising. There are various areas where a visual merchandiser can utilise their skill such as, Fashion, Store management and Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Event Designer, Exhibition Designer, Home Staging and even a Design Stylist. Getting associated with one of the best Fashion, Art and Design colleges, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, opens a plethora of opportunities in the market of Visual Merchandising and Design ranging from internships to placements.

The 6-months Diploma course in Visual Merchandising offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the right choice for you because:

  • The course emphasis more on practical knowledge and live activities which gives the students a hands-on industry experience
  • The program is taught under top faculties who are experts in Visual Merchandising
  • The course curriculum of visual merchandising is regularly updated with the latest trends and techniques around the world to get you the highest level of training possible
  • The Program is designed for creative aspirants who want to develop their skills in a very short time with intense training & understanding the workings of the Fashion industry

The diploma in visual merchandising is a six-month program with the following modules as below.


  • Fundamentals Of Visual Merchandising
  • Importance Of Shopping Environment
  • Elements & Principles Of Design
  • Material Exploration
  • Color Phycology
  • Exterior And Interior Presentation
  • Lighting Design
  • Props, Fixtures & Signage
  • Display Error Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Brand Management
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • CAD
  • Vendor Management
  • Draping & Styling Mannequins
  • Introduction to visual merchandising
  • Outlining and developing a display strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Basic principles
  • Classification of displays
  • Details of pattern
  • Music & lighting
  • Sophistication in visual display
  • Visual merchandising
  • Finalization of display
  • Strategies of a visual merchandise
  • Scope & prospects


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