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PG Diploma in Fashion Communication – 2 Years

(9 customer reviews)

Duration: 4 Semesters

Eligibility: SSC (10th Standard), +2 or graduation of any stream

Availability: Bangalore  | Cochin


JD Institute of Fashion Technology centres in Bangalore and Cochin offer a two-year Postgraduate Diploma or PG Diploma in Fashion Communication. Following a pedagogy that introduces the cohort to various fundamental methodologies of fashion communication, students gain an understanding in history, design thinking, graphic design, forecasting, styling, packaging design, journalism, typography and photography. Students develop areas of specialisation, gain advanced expertise in it, and realise their individual creative identity. The program structure emphasises on cognitive analysis with relation to consumer behaviour; this realisation equips the students with the ability to practice their work with efficiency and efficacy and to meet the various demands of clients. The program also enquires practices in visual merchandising and explores established and new ways of publication design, along with the development of expertise in various digital mediums.

The two-year PG Diploma in Fashion Communication offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Develops the student’s creative, technical, theoretical and reflective skills that prepare them to meet the demands and challenges of the real-world industry.
  • Equips them with the knowledge of the fundamentals of fashion communication.
  • Identify issues and concerns of the current industry and formulate solutions that are effective and adaptive.
  • Offers an extensive practice-centric, progressive system that encapsulates the wide variety of specialties in the field of fashion communication.
  • Follows a curriculum that is research-based and which enquires various research methodologies.

Post completion of the PG Diploma in Fashion Communication, student will be able to:

  • Apply and enquire the various methodologies and practices that inform the versatile field of fashion communication; and formulate new ways of working.
  • Develop an individual creative identity, and identify areas of interest and specialisation.
  • Interpret trends and have the ability to determine forecasts.
  • Develop both verbal and visual communication skills.
  • Understand consumer behaviour patterns and the various cognitive processes that inform experience.

The two-year PG Diploma in Fashion Communication offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology will help you establish your career in the following roles; but are not limited to:

  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Analyst
  • Fashion Content Writer
  • Brand Manager
  • Fashion Marketing Manager
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Visual Merchandiser

Over the past decade, the field of fashion communication has emerged as a significant aspect of the bigger fashion and creative industry. Concerning itself with the creation of images, visual and verbal language, promotion, display and presentation of fashion and lifestyle, the field is versatile and holds immense potential and promise in terms of its growth and evolution as a career prospect. The PG Diploma in Fashion Communication offered at JD Institute of Fashion Technology aimed to inculcate an advanced approach to the field and equip its students with the capabilities and aptitude to meet the demands of the current industry. Through a holistic learning that integrates the theory with the studio, the students develop the capacity to enquire how they inform and develop each other in their creative application. In addition to its experimental approach, this is achieved through regular collaborative and external projects that are supported as part of the curriculum.


  • Design Thinking
  • Fashion History
  • Communication Theory
  • Graphic Tools 1
  • Research Methodology
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Project Work
  • Journalism 1
  • Graphic Tools 2
  • Styling 1
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Typography
  • Fashion Law
  • Project Work
  • Journalism 2
  • Graphic Tools 3
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Styling 2
  • Packaging Design
  • Project Work
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Editorial Content Management
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Graphic Tools 4
  • Management Practices
  • Final Dissertation


9 reviews for PG Diploma in Fashion Communication – 2 Years

  1. Akshitha Chajjed

    Being a JDien directly means you’re a student of imagination. JD Institute of Fashion Technology helps you to bring out your imagination into reality by understanding your interest and help you to explore the maximum by various streams in each portfolio, also gives you an equal opportunity to expose yourself to various types of internships, projects, tie ups with biggest fashion shows etc.
    As an alumnus of JD Institute, I’ve been guided by the best mentors, from understanding and helping me with the type of course best suitable for me. From sketching to making our final collection dream come to real.

  2. Nandini Soni

    JD Institute of Fashion technology has given me a lot of opportunities to sharpen my skills in the field of fashion. I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion communication. In addition to learning practical skills, being in college has also taught me a lot about Fashion psychology and Communication. The Faculty was extremely cooperative and let us to explore our ideas without any boundaries. Fashion Communication included consolidated, study associated with different areas such as advertising, public relations, graphic design, fashion journalism, visual merchandising, space design, styling, photography, display, exhibit, creative writing, interaction design, new media design, etc. The course had a broad range of opportunities and knowledge that we could gain and did not limit to one particular aspect. I am now working as a Web stylist for Forever 21. JD has given me that flexibility to explore and expand my creativity.

  3. Reshma Chatterjee

    My journey with JD Institute began as a student. With an interest to study more on different aspects of Fashion, I opted for a course in Fashion Communication. My learning process started under the guidance of my wonderful mentors, who were there at every step to help us and assist us. We got amazing opportunities to showcase our talent and exposure from the industry in terms of events, workshops, fashion shows, etc. I have been working for a year now, with this amazing institute and every day, I get to learn and enjoy new things. The work atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The various departments work extremely hard to curate cutting edge courses and create plethora of opportunities for all the newcomers. This is the place for you to be!

  4. Likitha Prakash

    I’m Likitha Prakash, an alumnus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. When I joined JD for Fashion Communication, I had no idea what to expect or what career path I wanted to take but that changed in a very short time with the subjects and creativity that JD had to offer. Even though while at JD I studied Fashion Communication with subjects related to textiles, visual merchandising, etc, but what caught my fancy was Graphic Design. Graphic Design was my emancipation it was my place to excel and excel I did!JD institute is known for churning out the best for the fashion industry, I fell in love with Graphic
    designing and built a career from it. While in college I started taking up freelance projects, I still remember the first project was abusiness card design and ever since there was no turning back for me. Slowly but steadily Ipractised, learnt and delivered projects to clients not just in Bangalore but also across the globe. I started The Design Establishment a boutique graphic design agency in 2017, where I worked on design projects globally. I now have my very own full-service digital marketing agency “Namaste

  5. Shagun Sethi

    I am Shagun Sethi an alumnus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. I have completed my PG Diploma in Fashion Communication. JD has taught me and guided me all along the course. They have given many opportunities with regard to industry exposure and varied carrier guidance. I am now working as a Marketing Executive at Nykaa fashion in Mumbai. JD had prepared me for the tough industry world and also made me into an extremely confident person. All along the course the faculties were really supportive and went out of their way to help their students. I am now also venturing into product styling. JD has been an important force for me to believe in my dreams and to be able to achieve them.

  6. Parnabi Pal

    I am Parnabi Pal, an alumnus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. I pursued the course of Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication. I got to learn many interesting aspects of Fashion field which really helped me grow and expand my knowledge and learn new skills. Among all of the interesting subjects I had, Fashion Styling interested me more and hence, I went along with it. Today I work as a Fashion Stylist at Myntra. I am very thankful to the institute for giving me so much exposure and real-life experience.

  7. Anannya Gogoi

    I am a student of Jd Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore and yesterday we had a workshop with Sithara Kudige regarding Fashion Styling. It was the most amazing session where we learn about different elements of fashion. While understanding the different body type and face type how one can curate a style and enhance the body more. What are the do’s and don’ts for the editorial styling and different types of career for a stylist.

  8. Sanjana

    I am Sanjana, student of JD Institute of fashion technology. Our college provides a good quality of teaching . Our curriculum is updated and includes all the recent developments in the field. The faculties are highly qualified and there way of teaching is remarkable. In addition to having a well-designed curriculum, the curriculum is quite comprehensive to accommodate students from all across the country with different educational backgrounds. The faculty are extremely supportive and they provide individualized attention to students.

  9. T Sonam

    I am Sonam, currently in my final year my PGDFC course. The past year and a half at JD have taught me so many things I didn’t know about myself. Having no background in fashion, I was anxious about the challenges and the limitations I would face when applying for this course. But, with the faculties guiding me through my first year, I was certain that I had finally found the right path I would want to take as my future career. Fashion communication has so much to offer in terms of the communication aspect in the fashion industry which is at its peak in the current years. So, by taking up this course, I can say that I am excited and will be looking forward to what the future holds for me.

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