Diploma in Fashion Photography
3 Months (Weekend) (JD Institute)

Diploma in Fashion Photography – 3 Months (Weekend) (JD Institute)

Diploma in Fashion Photography 03 Months (Saturdays Only) (JD Institute)

About Course

JD Institute of Fashion Technology centres in Bangalore, Cochin and Goa offer a three-month Diploma in Fashion Photography. The course introduces students to the various practices that inform fashion photography. Students acquire the technical skill-set required for photography and identify with various tools related to developing images for editorial and commercial fashion photography.

Diploma in Fashion Photography trains students with the skill and aptitude required to meet the standards of the fashion and photography industry, and the capability to carry out professional practice. This short-term course integrates classroom learning with practical training and live projects. The program is apt for all levels of aspiring or established photographers, from advanced to beginners as it develops their practice in photography.

Course Overview

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Reasons To Apply

Course Structure

  • History And Introduction Of Photography.
  • Cameras/ Different Formats In Digital Camera
  • Core Camera Skills And Working Knowledge Of DSLR
  • Lenses And Focal Lengths
  • Filters
  • Composition And Understanding A Photographic Design From Point Of Visualization
  • Visual Aesthetics For Photography
  • Lighting
  • Self-promotion
  • Final Project