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Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design August 2022 batch students present their final semester work Thumbnail

As another exciting semester comes to an end, we cannot help but reflect on the incredible journey the jewellery design students have embarked upon. This semester, the dedicated students delved into an eclectic mix of topics, ranging from portfolio presentation to mastering the art of Rhino, and from understanding the allure of different gemstones to the intricacies of cost and budgeting. Let us dive into the highlights of their semester’s modules and explore the invaluable knowledge the budding jewellery designers have gained.

The portfolio presentation enabled students to understand the art of displaying their work effectively, ensuring that their creativity and craftsmanship shone through. Through this process, they grasped the significance of making a lasting first impression.

The students honed their skills in jewellery rendering and illustration, turning their ideas into visually stunning concepts. These skills allowed them to communicate their designs effectively and capture the essence of their creations.

Rhino, the 3D modelling software, was a pivotal part of the semester. Students dived into the world of three-dimensional design, learning how to translate their concepts into intricate, tangible forms.

Understanding the nuances of metal textures and colours was essential. Students delved into the world of metals, discovering how different textures and shades can evoke unique emotions and aesthetics.

This semester saw our students embracing the diversity of gemstones, exploring various cuts, and understanding the significance of each. They learned how gemstones can add depth, colour, and personality to their designs.

Equipping our students with a holistic education, we delved into the financial aspects of jewellery design. Cost and budgeting lessons were invaluable in helping them make informed decisions in the real world.

Understanding their future clients’ desires and preferences was a key focus. Students learned the art of client profiling, ensuring their designs would resonate with a specific audience.

The students also presented their JD Design Awards collection which was skilfully crafted with attention to detail. It was a witness to their journey thus far and showcased how far they had come from complete novices to professionals who pushed the boundaries of their creativity.

The Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design course provided students with a whirlwind of creativity, learning, and personal growth for our jewellery design students. The presentation of their work was nothing short of breathtaking, a testament to their dedication and newfound knowledge. As they move forward in their careers, armed with these skills and experiences, we can’t wait to see their brilliance continue to shine in the world of jewellery design.

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