Eyebrow trends – 2023


Eyebrow trends – 2023

Eyebrows – Styling and shaping them can be a real pain. At times, quite literally. The pain of holding the eyebrows in place to have it threaded as tears run down your face is no mean feat. Why style the eyebrows or shape them at all? Is it really worth all the pain? Well, the answer is not a simple yes. You see, no two brows are the same. Hold up a mirror and take a closer look, you will be able to spot many differences, right from the arch of your brow to the tips of the brow. The history of eyebrow shaping and styling can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who wore makeup as a homage to the God Horus. The heavily lined eyes were adorned with equally prominent and elongated brows.

Well, before we go in search of the perfect shape and style of the eyebrows that’s trending for the year. Let’s travel back in time to know some of the most famous brow styling techniques that used to trend in the past. The heavily plucked ‘Barely-there’ eyebrows were considered fashionable in the Middle Ages, then came the 1920s’ trend of ‘needle-thin’ brows followed by ‘Dramatic arcs’ of 1930s’. The onset of 1940s’ came with a striking heavier brow quickly followed by the plentiful brows with high arcs sported by Marlyn Monroe and other movie stars who made it their signature look.

The 60s’ reverted to plucked out trend but went a little further to completely shave them off and paint a brow with soft strokes. 1970s’ saw the rise of hippie movement that returned ‘Au Naturale’ brows. Madonna made the ‘fuller brows’ to trend in the 80s’. After 2 decades of fuller brows, the shaved off look was back in the 90s’. Now, moving on to the 20s’, ‘bold brow’ is back in the game with Cara Delevingne sporting the boldest look of all. Here are the 5 eyebrow looks that’s been trending this 2023.

1. Natural Brow 

Eyebrow trends – 2023Trending as a close second is the natural brow look. The minimalistic look keeps it clean with the least amount of work done on the brows with very slight grooming routine it sticks to the natural arcs and curves of the eyebrows. A simple, clean and elegant look for the modern bold woman. The British-American actress Lilly Collins is known to sport a natural brow.

2. Fluffy Brows 

Eyebrow trends – 2023Playing it closer to an all-natural eyebrow look involves the least amount of work. To get the perfect fluffy brow look, you just need to simply brushing up the brow hairs with no pencilling whatsoever. The simple look might come across as wild or bushy depending upon your growth but looks fun all the same. The youngest pop star to win an Oscar this season, Billie Eilish sports fluffy brows along with her signature neon green hair colouring.

3. Feather Brows

Eyebrow trends – 2023Try not to confuse them with ‘micro-feathering’, the airy and light feathered look is simple and uncomplicated and it isn’t a semi-permanent procedure. It’s very similar to fluffy brows expect you use a spoolie to flick the strands in place. The feather brows appear fuller but not dense or heavy like the fluffy brows. It is a known fact that social media Influencers prefer the feather brow look.

4. Straight Brow 

The famous Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn sported a straight brow back in the day. Well, that’s exactly what is trending in the year 2023. The straight brow is shaped with a minimal arc and a sharper tail that accentuates the symmetry of the face making it appear more squarish. The heart throb of the Harry Potter fandom, Emma Watson sports the straight brow look.

5. Brow Lamination 

Considered to be the perfect eyebrows is a semi-permanent treatment that involves restructuring brows and a fixing product is used to set them into the most desirable shape. It helps straighten curved hairs which makes both the brows appear more symmetrical. The brushed-up shape of the brows helps fill in gaps that achieves the fuller-looking brows. The famous Hollywood producer/Actor Zendaya sports elegant laminated brows.

6. Bleached brows

Eyebrow trends – 2023 Well, a look that is not meant for the faint hearted. The top trends of 2023 tips its scales for experimental bold looks. One of them is the bleached eyebrow look that several A-listers of Hollywood have experimented with this season. The bleached brow as the name suggests involves chemically bleaching the eyebrows of any colour. It works like a neat vanishing trick on some making their eyebrows disappear without having to risk shaving it off completely.

7. Coloured Brow 

The scales of experimental looks tip further in favour of the brave. The flamboyant coloured brow is solely reserved for the boldest and daring of us all. The trend of coloured brow to match with the same shade of hair colour makes it to the top 4 looks of 2023. The experimental look is currently trending in the Hollywood with Mandy Moore sporting a blonde brow to match the blonde hair colouring in the past.