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Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For Women

Fall 2021 is here, and so are the new trends for women. As offices and colleges are opening up at their own pace, so are the demands for tailored clothing. Tailored clothing is the most preferred style of clothing when it comes to office wear or any preference of formal wear.

What Are Tailored Garments?

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For WomenTailored garments are defined as clothing that are made to fit the individual perfectly without any loose ends and unified edges. These styles of garments are used for formal occasions and office attire. Though tailored clothing may fall on the expensive side of the budget line, they are worth the investment, as there will be faults when it comes to the fit and design that has been chosen.

What Is Contemporary Fashion Trend?

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For WomenContemporary fashion is the apparel line that is more accessible in terms of price and style of wearing. This fashion is more imbued towards the modern and young stylisation. Contemporary fashion trends are also considered as the modern fashion trend that is a mixture of tradition and culture with the twist of modernism.

When tailored garments are fusioned with tailored garments, they result in a very edgy yet sophisticated look. This Fall 2021, as women return to the #newnormal, here are the trends to take them back with some edge:

Pleated Skirts!

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For WomenSkirts are definitely the choices of many to keep the uncomfortable feeling of clothing during the fall season. Fall is, as we know it, not too cold or too hot. It is the perfect time to wear skirts and flaunt them without having to think twice. From mini skirts to lengthy midi skirts, all are perfect for when paired with some knee length boots or ankle length ones.

Fall 2021, is all about pleated skirts to keep the trend and sophistication, both in perfect balance. Here are some ideas of the different ways to stylise a pleated plaid skirt for a formal wear:

Different style of pairing pleated skirts for a formal occasion or work

There are various types of skirts in the fashion market, that will suit the personality of an individual and suit every occasion.There are various types of skirts other than pleated as well.

Leather Layers!

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For WomenWhat is fall 2021 without some fun layers, especially in leather. Leather is considered as a one time investment to hype any type of clothing for any kind of occasion. When a leather jacket or leather belt is added to the most basic outfit style, it brings in a bit of finesse to the complete look, making it sophisticated as well as edgy.

There are various types and styles of leather jackets that can be ;looked into when purchasing one for the first time. The addition of a leather jacket will definitely add that contemporary look to the formal wear, without making it look inappropriate.  Here are some visual ideas as to how to add a leather layer to the outfit, to make it look sophisticated yet edgy:

Leather jackets can be paired with any type of formal outfits, from miniskirts with stockings to midi skirts with boots. Adding a layer of leather jacket to an outfit is falsely believed to take away the sophisticated look to the outfit. Adding a leather jacket is completely dependent on the style of jacket chosen. There are different types, among which one can be chosen to pair for a sophisticated look.

Color Schemes!

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For Women

Color is what will bring the ultimate look of the garment. It is extremely important to be aware of the colors, when choosing for a particular occasion. When choosing colors for office wear, especially when it comes to formals, it is crucial to keep the colors in the cooler tone and avoid any bright colors. The reason behind this is the concept of Color Psychology.

When it comes to choosing colors with regards to formal wear, it is best to keep them in a cooler tone, such as blues, greys, tints of red, tints of purple, etc,. Here are some visual ideas to what colors are best for formal attire:

Formal wear isn’t restricted to solid colors alone, but can also be experimented with prints. Although, prints are to be kept simple and minimalistic, so it doesn’t overpower the overall look, making it more casual than formal.

Fall 2021 approaches, along with the reopening of offices and colleges. So why not achieve the trendiest look and go in style. The pandemic has hit many businesses, including the fashion industry, as the requirement for clothing has dropped. Although the business has taken a big hit, they are coming back stronger than ever, with better employment opportunities. At JD Institute, every student is given an opportunity to showcase their work in different platforms, to gain recognition. As one of the best design institutes in Karnataka, JD also has tied up with many recruiters for student benefits.

Fall 2021: Contemporary Trend For Women