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Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek! fashion - Fashion Design curriculum     A sneak peek Thumbnail - Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek!

The fashion Curriculum at JD Institute of Fashion Technology is wide and varied with the degree or diploma you choose. For each course and the level of understanding that you will require for an ease of introduction in the fashion industry at various levels of employment. To give you a sneak peek into one of our undergraduate courses, here are some of the fundamentals you will be learning to build upon in your consecutive semesters and eventually become a flourishing fashionista! The arts and sciences of garment industry melds together in the curriculum to give you the best of the Fashion world.

Let’s dive into the fashion world and you will come back out being fascinated and curious to take your first little steps into the world that is a beautiful blend of art and science of fashion designing. To make it easy, let us slice it in half and discuss the science and art elements of the Fashion curriculum.

Fashion Science

Fibre and Yarn Science

Your fashion curriculum discusses how fabrics and yarns are created and how fibres are fashioned and treated. It categorises fibres, yarns and fabrics and gives an overview of the properties of those most likely to be encountered. Ongoing research into fibres, yarns and fabrics means that new materials and processes are continually being developed – with evolving technological advancements driving the development of more efficient processing technologies and new sustainable fibres.Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek! fashion - Fashion Design curriculum     A sneak peek 4 - Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek!

Elements of Fashion Design

The basic elements and principles of design are a perfect blend of science and art. In order to design clothes that are visually intriguing and stand out, fashion designers have been trained to consider four basic elements:
1. Shape and form
2. Line
3. Colour
4. Texture
And five basic principles:
1. Proportion and scale
2. Balance
3. Unity (harmony)
4. Rhythm
5. Emphasis

Fabric Science and Analysis

Fabric science and analysis is the study of the construction, properties, features, orientation and dip of particles within a fabric. Get to knows the fabric parameters. Reasons: Identification of face and back side of the fabric. Identification of warp, weft threads and much more.Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek! fashion - Fashion Design curriculum     A sneak peek 2 - Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek!

Apparel Production

Apparel Production in the undergraduate Fashion curriculum focuses on basic and intermediate garment construction, with emphasis on tailoring, fitting, formalwear techniques, and creating sustainable fashion.

Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

The goal of fashion marketing and merchandising, for both manufacturers and retailers, is to sell merchandise at a profit. This requires careful planning and coordination. Understanding the marketing aspects of the marketplace and logistics related to fashion merchandising.

Apparel Computer Aided Design

In the apparel manufacturing sector, CAD stands for computer-aided design. Nowadays, Computer-aided design or CAD software becomes one of the most essential tools for pattern making and related jobs in the fashion industry. It is used for pattern making, pattern grading, and the making of the marker.Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek! fashion - Fashion Design curriculum     A sneak peek 3 - Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek!

Apparel Quality Management

A garment manufacturing quality management system is related to quality control and assurance system that documents (quality manual) processes (Online and offline), procedures, system, planning, responsibilities, and task for achieving quality goals and policies to meet buyer requirements. A quality management system is focused on customer requirements and satisfaction through combine effort of whole organization management by setting up a work standard.

Fashion Business Management

Fashion Business Management, as the name suggests, deals with increasing and maintaining the brand value and awareness of a given product through media and advertisements.

Fashion Communication

Fashion communication is a specialized design domain of fashion studies that enables students in acquiring communication skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Fashion Arts

Basics of pattern making and sewing

In the Fashion designing curriculum you will be put through an extensive understanding of patternmaking as it is the foundation of a garment. To put it very simply, it is plotting the measurements (or specs) to create a paper template of a garment. That template is then used to cut fabric to be sewn into a garment.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. As a student fashion designer, you will be taught to brainstorm ideas on paper or digitally.

Fashion styling

Fashion curriculum broadly comprises of Fashion styling, you will learn the art of styling clothing combination to create unique looks that are appealing, which is appropriate for the occasion.Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek! fashion - Fashion Design curriculum     A sneak peek 1 - Fashion Design curriculum – A sneak peek!

Fashion Accessories

Fashion designing curriculum includes all things fashion, Designing and styling various fashion accessories that are worn may include jackets, boots and shoes, cravats, ties, hats, bonnets, belts and suspenders, gloves, muffs, sashes, shawls, scarves, lanyards, socks, and stockings.

So much more…

The Fashion designing delves in length about garment detailing, Textile wet processing, history of costumes and traditional textiles, textile and apparel testing, draping, needle craft, visual merchandising, portfolio building and so much more. All you need to do is check out our range of courses offering diplomas, degree, master degree, advanced diplomas, MBA.. Delve into the glamour and glitz of the fashion world with us.