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Fashion Designer Salary fashion designer salary - Fashion Designer Salary - Fashion Designer Salary Per Month in India

Fashion Designer Salary

One of the most demanding and fascinating careers is that of fashion designers. They primarily design different types of garments. They bring out new designs to suit the present trend. The designing is done by keeping many factors in the mind. The first and foremost factor is the climatic condition. The trend in the market is another factor in designing a fashion garment. The quality of cloth is again an important consideration. These days’ people prefer garments from renowned brands. The reassurance from the big brands satisfies the customer’s purchase of garments. Most of the fresh graduates are willing to pursue their career in the field of fashion designing. But, they too will be eager to know the job description and starting salary of a fashion designer per month in India or outside of India.

Employment Statistics of Fashion Designer

Before proceeding with the fashion designer career, it is very important to have a look at the employment prospect of the same. You must be wondering about what is the average starting salary of a fashion designer?  We will discuss the statistics of employment between 2010 -2018.

  • The news from different classified columns and job portals have reported around 21,500 jobs for fashion designers in the year 2010.
  • The statistics showed a growth of 40% of the employment in the same field. Also, the position of fashion design managers rose to 17 per cent.

Thus, experts say, the scopes for fashion designers with formal education will rise more in future. Attractive fashion designer salary is always an added advantage.

Fashion Designer Salary in India

Fashion designer salary in India depends on various factors. One of the important factors is the location. For example, the salary of the fashion designers in a metro city like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata will be more than those away from the city. Another factor is the organization or a company that is looking for a fashion designer. Fashion designer salary per month in India will be sometimes sole discretion of the organization.

Average Salary As Per Positions/Rank

  • Design Assistant- The individual working in this position must start from a low pay package. Normally their yearly package is between 15,000 to 25,000+ per month.
  • Junior Designer- This is a fashion designer’s position comes in the middle level. The pay package is approximately 25,000 to 40,000+ per month. The junior fashion designers salary is vital to find out.
  • Creative Director- This is probably the highest position in this field. Thus, the pay package will be pretty good. The range of salary stays between 50,000 to 1,00,000+. This may also rise further.

Average Pay Scale in Difference Metro & Non-metro Locations

There is always a difference in the pay package in the field of fashion designing. The upward, as well as the downward trend, is observed as well. You should also know the fashion stylist salary in India as per location. Following are some of the data:

  1. New Delhi- 23% (upward)
  2. Mumbai- 31% (upward)
  3. Bangalore- 14% (upward)
  4. Kolkata- 21% ( downward trend)
Fashion Designer Salary fashion designer salary - Fashion Designer Salary - Fashion Designer Salary Per Month in India

Unrecognizable fashion designer drawing sketches in his workshop

Starting Fashion Designer Salary in India By Company

Each company has a different pay scale for their employees. This can differ from one organization to another. Fashion designers to are not an exception in it. Following are some fashion designers salary per month as decided by each company and its management:

  1. Inaya couture Fashion designer–  Rs 25,765 per month (Avg.)
  2. Value expert fashion designer – Rs 20,131 per month  (Avg.)
  3. Square 1 consultancy fashion designer– Rs 21,728 per month  (Avg.)
  4. Unique world fashion designer – Rs 25,083 per month  (Avg.)
  5. Dharra advanced business solution fashion designer – Rs 22,362 per month  (Avg.)
  6. The urban factory private ltd  fashion designer– Rs 30,000 per month  (Avg.)
  7. Perfect Naukri.com fashion designer – Rs 34, 648 pm  (Avg.)
  8. Anjalee & Arun Kapoor fashion designer– Rs 43,927 per month  (Avg.)

What Are the Factors on Which Salary of Fashion Designer Depends?

There are many factors on which the salary of the fashion designers depends. Following are the consideration:

  • Degree/diploma/certificate earned as a fashion designer
  • The brand or the corporate establishment that recruits the professional
  • Market trend of fashion designer’s pay package
  • Skill level and experience of the designer
  • Changes in the rules and regulation as per employment contract or appointment letter

Major Responsibilities of Fashion Designer

One must know the duties of a fashion designer after being recruited for a project. Following are some of their responsibilities towards the employer as well as the customers.

  • Gather knowledge of the recent fashion trend. This will help the designers to anticipate the actual design which will attract the customers
  • Fashion designer also decides the theme of a collection
  • These days, the computer has made everything easy and uncomplicated. Thus, the fashion designers use the CAD programs to create wonderful designs
  • Designers normally deal with clothing. Thus, they need to visit the fabric manufacturers to collect some appropriate samples of clothing
  • A further decision is taken with regards to the selection of the style, colours and fabrics
  • Normally, the fashion designers also have a team of experts. He/ she work with all of them to bring out some prototype design
  • Normally, the creative director is the authority to make the final call. The fashion designer has to make a presentation of his ideas to the creative director.
  • Ideas are also presented in the trade shows to get feedback and response of customers on the designs
  • Engaging in marketing activities for the purchase of retailers or directly to the consumers
  • Looking after the process of final production as well as distribution.

Skills Required As a Fashion Designer

There was a time when the fashion designers become a complete package after completing their course. But today, the competition is quite high.  Thus, they have to increase their skill level. Following are the important skill level that makes them a complete fashion designer:

  • Communication Skill

This is an important skill which is needed by professionals in almost all fields. As stated above, the fashion designer has a complete team of experts and members. He has to communicate with them constantly about the design, layout, fabrics and many other factors

  • Creativity

Creativity is a major skill which must be within every fashion designer. He must bring out something new and creative for the people and society.

  • Artistic Skill

The fashion designers are also artists. They have an idea in their mind which they present in a sketch form. These are further modified to make perfect business

  • Computer Skill

The basic computer skill is a must. Apart from that, some specialization over the CAD or computer-aided design is also a must. The designer must be well versed with graphics editing software

  • Decision Making Skill

A fashion designer must be confident always. He/she must decide on various facts. The team would always ask the head of the fashion designer. That will be the time when he must provide a proper decision.


Individuals enrolling in fashion designing courses have a great prospect. The demand for new designs in clothing will never come to an end. The vacancies of the fashion designer’s job are going to rise 10 times more in the coming decade. Sometimes, fashion designers are hired in hourly basis. Thus, the fashion designer salary per hour is remarkable. Also, the salary scale is going to increase with an innovative attempt in fashion technology.