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Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (6)

Graphic Design is a career that can give you everything in a fun based work environment but definitely a career that is worth all the preparations. After finishing high school, deciding what to do can be thrilling and terrifying at the same time. But if you are someone who enjoys being artistic and tech savvy, becoming a Graphic Designer after your 12th grade can be nice. In today’s society, where everything is digital, Graphic Designers are very important. They make things look wonderful on the internet or in print, from logos to websites.

In this article, we will discuss what it feels like to be a graphic designer after completing 12th grade. We will delve into what you can do, how much salary you can earn as well as skills required for this job. So if you like drawing, design and technology stick around! We’ll tell you about how to turn your passion into something fun and lucrative as well.

What Prospects Do Graphic Designers Have for a Career?

Graphic design is a significant marketing tool and therefore any workplace can be worth adding by the Designer. Nonetheless, the demand for graphic designer positions varies from one sector to another.

Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (5)

Job opportunities for Graphic Designer positions in publishing are currently on decline. However, demand for Graphic Designer careers will increase in computer systems design and related services when companies expand their digital offerings.

A graphic design job after 12th grade is also a gateway to other areas of design. This means that Graphic Designers can easily move into related careers, including UX/UI design or web development due to these transferable skills.

Is Experience Required To Work As A Graphic Designer Career After 12th?

While formal experience is not always necessary, creating a strong list of accomplishments and practical skills through internships, freelance projects, or personal work to get hands-on experience in the field is vital. Some employers emphasise practical expertise as well as evidence of creativity and competency demonstrated through a portfolio than formal employment.

Some positions, however, especially at larger companies or in more specialised roles, might require specific experience or a detailed portfolio of relevant work​​.

Which Graphic Design Positions Are in High Demand?

Current technological advancements have led to a high demand for UI/UX designers, digital designers, visual designers and motion graphics designers. Companies are looking for individuals with expertise in making the best interactive websites, creating visual contents on different digital platforms and increasing user engagement with their online products.

Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (2)

How Much Does a Graphic Designer After 12th Usually Make?

The average Graphic Designer jobs’ salary in India as of 2024 is around ₹3,08,284. This amount however varies significantly depending on experience, location, industry and so forth. For less experienced personnel the entry-level salaries are lower while highly sought after designers with a lot of experience can earn much more. Here’s a breakdown of potential earnings across different levels of experience and additional forms of compensation:

  • Base Salary Range: ₹1,47,000 to ₹7,03,000
  • Bonus Range: ₹2,000 to ₹2,01,000
  • Profit Sharing Range: ₹63 to ₹3,01,000
  • Commission Range: ₹100 to ₹3,00,000

This data indicates that there is a wide range of potential earnings for graphic designers in India, reflecting the diverse opportunities for designer graphic job after 12th and demand for design skills across various industries​

Are Graphic Designers Jobs After 12th Grade A Great Career?

Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (3)

The line of graphic design is one of the best to follow after 12th grade as it allows for a lot of creativity in terms of freedom, a dynamic environment, and influencing people’s interaction with the visual world. Here are five reasons why pursuing graphic designer careers after the 12th grade can be a great choice:

1. High Demand for Digital Skills:

With businesses and organisations increasing their presence online, there is an increased demand for skilled graphic designers who can create engaging content that is visually appealing to people all over the internet. These include website designs, mobile app interfaces, and social media content, among other digital marketing related materials.

2. Creative Expression:

Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (4)

Graphic design is an art form that provides a high level of creative expression ability since you are able to transform ideas and messages into visual communication that can influence and inspire people. If you have a passion for art and design, this career gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and make an impact.

3. Versatility in Career Options:

Graphic designer jobs encompass many different specialisations, such as branding, digital/ print design, UI/ UX design, animation, etc. This diversity allows you to explore different areas and specialise in one that suits your interests and skills.

4. Graphic Designer Job Scope and Opportunities:

Professional life has its demands on someone who may want some flexibility on his or her schedule or work from anywhere as long as they still deliver what has been asked from them. This is best suited by freelance work which also includes remote working opportunities provided by graphic designing jobs.

5. Continuous Learning and Evolution:

The field of graphic design is always being updated with new trends, tools, technologies, etc., which keep making it a very dynamic industry, thus requiring constant learning.

Thus, the sector is competitive and needs dedication to networking and learning skills; but a creative career as a graphic designer can nevertheless be an interesting option for those who have just graduated from high school.

Career Paths For Graphic Designer Job After 12th

Graphic Design A Great Career After 12th Grade 5 Valid Reasons! (7)

Some possible career paths for graphic designer jobs after 12th grade you can pursue are:

  • Web and Digital Design: Creating websites, mobile applications, and digital media.
  • Branding and Identity: Building brand strategies and corporate identity.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Preparing advertising materials and campaigns.
  • Print media: engagement in magazine publishing, newspaper printing or press commercial development.
  • Motion Graphics & Animation: Creation of moving graphics for videos.

Final Takeaways

The field of graphic design is characterised by a wide array of opportunities for people with creative minds, which are dynamic and changing. As the digital world grows day by day; it means that more people who require the services of skilled graphic designers will be needed in future.

When one is committed to continually learning and changing with new technologies as well as tendencies, pursuing graphic design after high school graduation can be a rewarding and satisfying choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a degree to pursue a career as a graphic designer after 12th grade?

While not always necessary, a degree in graphic design or a related field can provide a comprehensive foundation and improve job prospects. However, a strong portfolio can sometimes be equally important​​.

Can I pursue graphic design if I don’t have an art background?

Yes, individuals without an art background can pursue graphic design, though they may need to focus on developing their design skills and understanding of design principles​ ​.

Are there online courses available for graphic design?

Yes, there are numerous online courses and tutorials available for aspiring graphic designers, ranging from free to paid options, catering to various skill levels and specialisations​​.