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haya - canine fashion - JDDA LOGO 150x150 - HAYA – Canine Fashion
HAYA Canine Fashion Thumbnail haya - canine fashion - HAYA Canine Fashion Thumbnail - HAYA – Canine Fashion

Designer: Spoorthi

HAYA – Canine Fashion

The collection is designed to reflect the unique bond and relationship between dogs and their owners. The collection will feature a range of garments and accessories for both dogs and their owners, designed to promote the idea of sharing and companionship. The design will focus on creating pieces that are both stylish and functional, with strong emphasis on comfort and durability. The color palette will be chosen to reflect the warmth and happiness of the bond between dogs and their owners. The collection will showcase the beauty of the human-dog relationship and inspire others to cherish and celebrate the bond they share with their furry friends.

The collection won the Best Critic Award.

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