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creative photography photography - creative photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

The photographers have reframed their time at home as an opportunity to take stock and to tackle some new projects. In this crisis they have made use of unlikely subjects for portraiture, product and nature photography by making use of available resources like family, surroundings, household items, pets, surroundings like balcony, veranda, living space, etc. It is an opportunity to use this time to be creative and productive in one way or another. Are you ready to ace your photography skills at home? We have got some of the hacks for you.

potratit photography photography - potratit photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

Why not try portrait photography with family members?

Creating human portraits has several benefits. It helps to capture the inherent character of the subject whilst being photographed. The main tip to follow while taking a portrait is background. Background plays a vital role for portrait photography. It must never interfere with the subject. A simpler and less cluttered background works better for a portrait. If you capture the image in natural light, you have the best chance of getting a great look with the natural colour and skin tone. But make sure that the subject is not posed right in front the sun as it would cause unwanted brightness or deep shadow. While shooting indoors, make sure to a soft, evenly distributed light source to light up the subject. Different apertures make the whole scene come in better posture. Typically, f/2.0 to f/5.0 is good for portraits. Talking about focus while shooting a human portrait, it is always mandatory to focus on the subject’s eye. Eyes have a lot of stories to tell, and you should be able to bring those out in your photographs. Pose and the angle of the body and face of the subject, play a key role. Looking straight at the camera with motionless expression can be boring, so try to flare up your portraits with some twist. Keeping these points in mind, try to click portraits, you will definitely end up with a beautiful photograph.

Make homemade food look like a gourmet delight  

Practice food photography at home during quarantine. It may be simple daily dishes, but the way photos are taken will enhance the outcome. Not only dishes, it can be any fruits or vegetables, spices or even any equipment used in the kitchen. Bringing out new idea and trying them will generate a beautiful picture and even ideas for any other social media feeds. Here are a few quick tips that can be used to seriously improve food photography and tell better stories.  The camera angle should be decided based on the story that needs to be conveyed. First, the food needs to be thought of beforehand. Its size, shape, height and what is unique about it. Inorder to capture these qualities the camera needs to be placed where it best highlights them. When shooting from the front of the food, try to keep a great foreground and background to play with. Use the empty spaces to tell the story of the main dish by surrounding it with ingredients and props that relate to the food. Always try to use props or ingredients to create lines and layered effects in the image. This is a compositional technique used by photographers to lead their audience’s eyes to the main subject. The most important tip while taking a food photograph is that when placing items into food images, try selecting neutral tones, something that makes the food really pop against it.

food photography photography - food photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?
multiple exposure photography - multiple exposure - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

Try getting epic clicks using multiple exposures

This is a type of photograph that is created by exposing the same frame to light more than once. Multiple exposures allow a photographer to place one subject over another on the same frame of a photograph. Multiple exposures can also be created digitally, although this is done during post processing by overlaying multiple photograph over each other. While clicking for a multiple exposure always shifts the white balance as the intent is to combine two or more exposures into an image. Focal lengths can be varied between exposures to force perspective in ways that add a ton of visual interest and might otherwise be impossible without the use of multiple exposures. Another interesting thing about multiple exposures is that it can be advantageous when it comes to telling the story.

How about great garden photography?

It may be difficult to come by a garden in every home, but some are tottered with home gardens. These spaces are usually taken for granted and overlooked for a great capture. This is the best time to generate ideas and click pictures in the garden. Let it be a small space or even an outer path in the house. A few tricks while shooting a garden photography are to always zoom in for interesting depiction and moments that are meaningful to you. Colours really shine against Mother Nature’s most neutral backdrop. If waiting for the right weather is not convenient, then the best time to get a great image is against the early morning backdrop or early evening. Try multiple angles to capture a unique way in to a plant. To add dimension, always capture interest in the foreground. Nature is spontaneous, so we should also be spontaneous for a best click.

nature photography photography - nature photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?
flatlay photography photography - flatlay photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

Flat lay photography for social media feeds

Flat lay photography is taken directly from above, looking down on usual product. It is also called bird’s eye view and the extreme popular genre of photography on social media. Background is the important part of the shoot and it should always resemble the mood.   Other than background, the focus should be on balance. While starting with a flat lay photography, pick a lot of props as they can be swapped in and out while composing a shot. Try to pick a simple plain background to avoid any clash with the props as they form the focal point of the shot. Now that the props and background is ready, the next trick is to compose the shoot. Highlight each prop and keep the shot from looking cluttered. Balance can be created by mixing smaller objects with larger objects and placing objects of similar colours on both sides of the image.

Macro Photography

Macro photography photography - Macro photography - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

As the name speaks, it refers to the focus on macro objects that magnifies small subjects to “life size”. The subject has a 1:1 ratio and the camera and lens plays a vital role. The best subjects for macro photography are insects, bugs, flowers, inanimate objects. Weather plays an important factor to click images for nature based macro photography. Aperture should be set to F16 to have the most of the subject. A small aperture and high shutter speed requires flash. Any flash can be used for macro photography. However, flash is not required when there is plenty of light and if a shot can be clicked with F2.8 or F4. This could be an instance when 1:1 magnification is not used and the results can be achieved with a good depth with a large aperture. Not using flash during such clicks provides natural looking photos with natural light. However, smaller objects that require up and close clicks, need to be captured using flash. Making use of uncommon angles with the use of a flip out screen will give an interesting angle and a beautiful background. Avoid putting sharp object, cigarette lighters and toothpaste against the macro lens as it will cause more harm than help spoiling the equipment. Even if you follow all these tips, you won’t get a proper click until you have patience and your point of focus is planned.

Try out the new trending photo shoot

facetimeshoot photography - facetimeshoot - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

Photoshoots can be carried out with models through FaceTime photoshoots, however a good Wi-Fi connection, a good quality camera or a laptop is a must. This type of shoots really helps for professionals who work for brands or designers. The important step to look while shooting is the light source and the best time it will be reflected for a perfect picture. The crucial part of this photography is, the models should be steady with their pose because a small movement during the click will affect the pixels. Thus it’s challenging, but an innovative way to enhance your photography skills.

Keep learning

Photography learning photography - Photographylearning - HOW TO ACE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS EVEN DURING QUARANTINE?

Constantly upgrading ones skill is important to stay ahead of the curve. A multitude of online classes are a source to add on to the knowledge whilst sitting at home. Apart from learning one can also impart ones knowledge online from years of experience. This also provides a diverse earning potential. Through the online medium accomplished photographers too can learn from their peers, as well as guide beginners to sharpen their passion.

The pandemic has made the creative community come up with resourceful ways to explore creating images from a confined space. Innovation is required especially during long spells as it would be difficult to sustain in the long haul if one does not try to think out of the box.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Albert Einstein