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How to Organize Makeup: A Complete Clutter-Free Guide

Is scrolling through social media and seeing perfectly arranged makeup products giving you organisational envy? Are you struggling to get ready on time because you cannot find that perfect shade of blush that goes with your dress? Well, whatever the case may be, becoming a skilled makeup organizer and learning how to organize makeup is not too difficult with the right guidance and a little discipline! This guide is all about the most effective makeup organization ideas you can use to build the makeup collection of your dreams.

Read on to know some fun tips and get organised!

Make Organizing Makeup Exciting and Efficient

How to Organize Makeup: A Complete Clutter-Free GuideYou don’t need an expert to de-clutter all your beauty products. Organising makeup with the help of makeup containers, a makeup organizer box or a cosmetic holder is so straightforward that you might want to put it on your to-do list much sooner. Now let your love for makeup, practicality and aesthetics meet using these simple steps!

Bring it All Out- It’s Time to Get Messy

Bringing all your products and laying them out is the best way to take stock. As much as it hurts, it is time to part ways with that one dried-up nail paint you can’t let go of and the foundation at the back of your drawer.

Decluttering and editing out the items you do not need is your first step towards building and organising a collection. If you do not use or want a product, in the bin it goes. If unused, consider donating it. The only rule here is to be brutal and very honest about your usage!

Divide and Rule: An Easy Strategy to Conquer the Organization Game

How to Organize Makeup: A Complete Clutter-Free GuideOnce you part ways with the products you do not need, it is time to make your remaining clutter manageable. At this stage, group all your products like eyeshadows, mascara, primers, foundations, etc.

Do not get too specific and divide your products by brands at this stage. It is important to stick to the basics, and you can fine-tune your collection later. If you have a big collection, take this opportunity to take stock of products you use daily and occasionally and divide it accordingly.

This is also an opportunity to clean all your product containers and prepare them to organise.

Organising your Products

How to Organize Makeup: A Complete Clutter-Free Guide

After dividing your products, it is time to organise them now. There are several products available in the market for this purpose. Items like organizer box for makeup, makeup kit organizer bag and clear makeup kit organizer shelves are great investments. Additionally, if you are a professional with multiple products, you can opt for a makeup artist kit organizer, which is effective and easy to carry.

At this stage, you can also opt for clear makeup organisers and label them for easier access. A general tip would be to keep your everyday use makeup products easily accessible in a drawer nearby or in your vanity box.

Using Turntables or A Lazy Susan for Bigger Products

Some products come in a large bottle or container, making it difficult to store them in a makeup kit organizer. This is where a turntable can help you. You can store leave-in products, lotions, shampoos and conditioners for easy access.

Check out this post to know more about the necessary products to become a professional makeup artist.

Benefits of Organising your Makeup Products

Besides the ease and aesthetic appeal, organisation has several other benefits, such as:

  • It helps you use every nook and cranny of your space, including tiny spaces and odd places like below the sink
  • An organiser helps you achieve a cleaner, more minimal overall look
  • Minimising the products around the room helps the mind relax as the environment is clean and calm
  • With organising, you do not need to worry about the lid of your lipstick or foundation popping off and staining

Wrapping Up

Organising your vanity and decluttering your makeup products can be easy and doable if you follow the steps listed above. Make your inner aesthetic makeup enthusiast happy by following these easy ways to learn how to organize makeup.

If you are a makeup enthusiast inclined towards high fashion or arts, you might naturally be curious about converting it into a profession. With career options like makeup influencing, doing television or high-end fashion makeup, you may explore several career options.

Why not check out the Hair and Makeup Artistry Course by JD Institute of Fashion Technology? It provides you with the basis to explore this colourful and sophisticated world of makeup which you can undertake at your own pace.