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How to Start a Jewelry Business Online jewellery business - How to Start a Jewelry Business Online - How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline

How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline

Do you want to start an imitation jewellery business? Jewellery making has become a trend today. People are making variety of jewelleries at home with their creative skills. Once can easily transform his/her jewellery making passion to business through the online and offline marketing and selling mechanisms. These days E- commerce websites are doing wonder by attracting people towards online shopping. Most of the people are wondering on how to start a jewelry business? The easy mechanism of buying products at home comfort is beneficial for both sellers and buyers. If you have a creative mind and can buy jewelleries at home, earning online will be very easy for you.  Even, you have wide range of offline process of selling.

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online?

The online jewellery business has become quite popular these days. Many people are making huge profit out of it. But, knowing the right steps in starting a jewelry business is very important for each of the aspirants. You don’t require an establishment cost. Just make your home the place for clean business. Following are the steps for starting a jewelry business online.

10 Steps to follow before starting a Jewelry Business Online:

  • Choose a Name
  • Apply for GST
  • Get your Own Website
  • Choose a Photographer
  • Contact Models
  • Contact a Graphics Designer
  • Content for Website
  • Social Media Post
  • Inventory in Spreadsheet
  • Take Feedback

Jewellery Business jewellery business - sell jewellery online - How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline

  • Choose a Name

If you are starting a business, getting a brand name for your company is vital. This will be the first step for starting your own jewelry business. You can go for a trade license application to your local government. You will get a valid paper for this from the authority.

  • Apply for GST

Our government right from the central has made this step mandatory for all types of businessmen. You have to obtain a GST certificate for your business. You can approach any registered tax consultant or someone dealing with legal matters. Getting GST certificate has become very easy today.

  • Get Your Own Website

You must be wondering on how to start a jewelry business online for free. This is possible if you can put your jewelry images in free classified online portal. People around the world can view them and order online. This will give your profit. It is preferable to get your own website which you can operate independently. Contact a domain hosting site and book your domain name. You will get several packages with bandwidth limit. Initially, go for the startup pack.

  • Choose a Photographer

Once you have completed making the jewelries at home, it is time to sell it online. For an online business, photography is an important consideration. You have to choose a professional photographer who can click flawless pictures.

  • Contact Models

In order to present your jewelries to the people around the world, a good presentation is really important. Choose the female models that can carry whatever they wear very well. People wish to see how the jewelry will look on their body. This becomes important to find out once the model wera the same.

  • Contact a Graphics Designer

How to start a fashion jewelry business is the question of many individual entrepreneurs. Knowing few important facts is vital. Contacting a graphics designer is a must when you are developing your website along with the pictures of your jewelries and models wearing the same. Ask him to upload the designs.

  • Content for Website

Your website must have content about the product or some informative facts. Thus, hiring a professional content writer is vital. He/she will write quality contents about your product. More people will visit your website to gather information. Some of them will be interested about your product and will buy online.

  • Social Media Post

You need to make the world know about your products. Nothing will be better than the social media platform. Like other businessmen from corporate you too can post about your jewelries in facebook and twitter. This will bring much more response.

  • Inventory in Spreadsheet

Once you start earning through the online jewelry business, it will be very important to keep a track on what you have earned. There must be a column where the name of the items will be mentioned backed by several others stating the size, colors, cost and quantity sold. You must also keep a column for customers who purchased and details about delivery.

  • Take Feedback

Every good businessman would like to get back the clients and customers again.  This is possible if you know what your customers want. Whether they are satisfied with your product or they wish to get more improvement is again an important factor. You must take the feedback from the customers and try doing improvement with regards to product quality, delivery and other processes.

Types of Jewelleries for Online Sale

Gone are those days when people concentrate only on a precious variety of jewellery. This is the century when female wish to wear something different. Rather, they wish to go with the variety which matches their dress and attire. Following are some of the types which ladies at this edge like:

  • Bead Jewellery: Beads are an accessory that can be made from the exacts of woods, stone, copper, clay, glass, etc. The round or an uneven variety of beads make fashion for many women.
  • Handmade Jewellery: One can get this variety made by the creative craftsmen. This has got different variety and colours. One can easily get this made up of metal, thread, beads, bells, fabrics, etc.
  • Jadau Jewellery: This is made by the craftsman who has high skill. These types of jewellery have its root right from the Mughal’s time. These jewellery are famous in places like Gujarat, Rajasthan., etc
  • Fashion Jewellery/Costume Jewellery: The trend of fashion jewellery is maximum today. These jewellery look like precious metal or stone based. But, actually, they are not. The affordable nature is the main reason for its selling
  • Antique Jewellery: These jewellery are unpolished and rough in look. Some of them are even dark and black. But, those are now in trend for ladies

How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline jewellery business - How to Start a Jewelry Business Online - How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline

How to Start Jewelry Business Offline?

If you wish to set up a business at home or in a physical shop, there are some steps to go ahead. Following are some of the steps:

  • Select a supplier of accessories or select the supplier accessory shop
  • Make your jewelry and get it ready for sale
  • Do the packaging in an attractive way so that people gets attracted
  • Now, choose a venue at home or a shop which you bought
  • Market the jewelries with caption and subtitle. Do marketing with reference of friends and relatives
  • Start getting customers at your jewelry shop
  • Sell the jewelries and earn
  • Keep all the details in your balance sheet and profit/ loss account
  • Get customers feedback to improve your product and get goodwill
  • Risk factors to consider before starting precious jewelry business

Some of you may be interested in doing the business with precious jewelry items. If you are wandering about how to start a diamond jewelry business, here is the answer.

  • Start Wholesale Gold and Diamond Jewelry Business

Wholesale means bulk purchase. Thus, an individual needs to purchase the precious diamond stones in bulk. Naturally, one needs to spend bulk on it. But, the risk factor in wholesale diamond jewelry business always remains. Since, the price is quite high, very few retail store will purchase. The rest will be a left over and can be treated as long-term investment.

  • Start Retail Gold and Diamond Jewelry Business

How to start a gold jewelry business is a big question. If you decide to be a retailer, that too has a risk. People with influential and strong economic background would go for precious jewelry purchase. But, maximum population cannot afford. You have to target the population that demands such precious ornaments. Then again the leftover will be a major investment.

How to Maximize Profit in Jewelry Business?

Some jewelry traders do a great profit whereas another group suffers from loss. Why is there a disparity between the profits earning process of both? There are some tips which one group follow and is effective. Whereas another group is unaware of this fact. Following are some steps:

  • Choose the jewelries to be sold. Research market and find out which type of jewelries has great demand in the market.
  • Target audience is going to be another important factor. You have to make your items reach to those places where the crowd is demanding the same. This can be true for both online and offline ways.
  • Go for online marketing. Conventional marketing like banners and posters has become outdated. The social media and other online sources are effective.
  • The brand selection is another important factor if you are selling the imitation or precious jewelries. Some people are brand cautious.
  • Celebrity can influence your product to be sold. Choose those jewelries which the celebrities are wearing in ramps or any other programs. Portraying the same to the mass is a good step.

How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline