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How To Decorate Your Interior with Mirrors?

Interior with Mirrors


Mirrors make a versatile addition to your interior. With so many designs and styles, you can add a mirror to any space in your house to give it a modern appeal. Below are some style tips on how you can infuse mirrors into your design. And, if you are looking for a thorough knowledge of interior decorating, a designing course can help you learn more about how to complement the furniture, color, and wall art to create the perfect interior.(Interior with Mirrors)

6 Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

There is a multitude of ways that the looking glass can be used in your interior designing efforts. From a statement wall art to a simple reflector of lights, a mirror can add a unique look and feel to any place. Here are some mirror styling ideas for a modern and beautiful interior.

Ornate mirror in neutral rooms

If you have a neutral room that you want to add some personality too, opt for an ornate mirror. The color of the ornate carving should complement your wall colors. Say a white or golden mirror for a purple background. But if you have a white wall as background, you can go as colorful as you like.

Statement wall art

A simple carved frame or an elaborate artistic piece, you can get creative with a mirror as your central wall art. These help you create a transition from one room to the next. So, the next time you want an artistic piece for your hallway, opt for a statement mirror.

Simply blend with the furniture

If you want your furniture to take centerstage and incorporate mirrors in your decor, consider a simple mirror placed strategically so that it blends with the interior. If you have a fireplace, place your mirror next to it than above it so that the fireplace is still the focus of the design. The placement depends on what you want reflected and need not be eye-level, as an art piece.

Window-like mirrors

In a room that has a white background, add a couple of large, window-like mirrors to create a balanced design. This will make a smaller room look bigger because of the illusion of depth created by the reflection.

A collage of mirrors

Forget the traditional photo and art collages, a collage of multiple mirrors is the latest interior designing trend. The best way to do this is by treating all the mirrors as one and placing them like you would place photos on a photo wall. This kind of design works best in a room with less clutter and neutral decor.

Floor mirrors

A mirror doesn’t necessarily have to be upon the wall. A large floor mirror will add a contemporary touch to your interior. The larger the mirror, the more reflection you can get!

Final Word

Mirrors work as great artistic pieces, but their primary role is the reflection. So, before you decide on the placement, choose what you want to reflect in it, like a beautiful view out of your window or something else. Simply put, think about this aspect thoroughly before you pick the mirror. If you wish to learn more about interior decorating, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the best places in India to start.