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 The students of Post Graduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design 19’ batch of JD Institute Bangalore showcased a product display based on the Design Process on 15th November 2019. The students were divided into groups of 4 and were asked to create cushions and wall accessories for a space of their own choice which centered around a country or theme allocated to the groups by their module mentor. The motifs and elements used to create the display had to be relevant to the country or theme.

Sea Farer sought inspiration from the American Navy Man and designed a space with a nautical theme. The colour palette used was blue, red and white. There were 4 cushions of which two had the anchor motifs which is important to keep the ship stationed on the port, whereas two cushions with a sailor and a ship were positioned opposite each other to make it look like the sailor was looking out for the ship with his telescope. The wall hanging was made out of wood and was incorporated with a nautical compass motif which is imperative for a sailor to get directions while at sea. The students had also placed ropes which is one of the elements used by the sailors while sailing. To give it authenticity, the group also placed the American flag.

Aurora was a Bohemian themed display with an analogous colour scheme and can be utilized as a bedroom or living space. The boho style is related to relaxation, laid back attitude and free-spirited. Wool was the main element in the decorations for the products. The group prepared 3 wall hangings, 3 cushions and 3 table mats. Lights were added to the deco as an element to add a pop of colour. To add to the elements of the space, the group also created handmade lamps. The space fluidity can be incorporated in a bedroom or living space. The laidback and no rules concept of the boho theme reflects the personality of the owner.

Olympians revolved around Ancient Greece and was designed for a living room. The Olympians were deities that Ancient Greeks believed in. There are 12 Olympians, however the group handpainted 4 Olympians on the cushions – Hades, Cratus, Hermus, and Aries. The colour palette of the display was red to give it a playfulness, gold, and black. Pandora’s box another artifact of Ancient Greek mythology believed to cause problems on being opened were placed as part of the deco along with the laurel’s crown worn by the Greek women. The image of Cupid or Eros was used on a wall hanging. The table runner was made of scrolls used during ancient times, to give it authenticity the group created burnt edges.

The dream was based on the Anime theme which is a popular form of Japanese animation. The set-up was decorated for a teenager’s bedroom space. The colour palette was an amalgamation of bright colours. The handmade table runner was made of anime comics. Cushion covers were handpainted with characters from the Japanese manga series – Naruto. The group also incorporated foam clouds with led lights to give the look of dreaminess and fun elements in a teenager’s space. The students incorporated the wall with wings with flowers added at the center. However, these flowers can be removed if the occupant does not like flowers or if the same needs to be placed in the living space.

Akeno means rising sun/power/strength was an oriental theme inspired by Japan. The colour palette for space was red, black and gold. The group created 4 cushions with Japanese doll motifs and Cherry blossoms or sakura motifs respectively. Lampshades were fashioned out of paper and hand-painted. They also added Tapestry with tactile textures that had Ryūjin or Ryōjin also known as dragon god, a deity of the sea in Japanese mythology. The group also created a colourful wall installation inspired by a Japanese fan. The table runner was white and red with the group’s name. The concept can be used in spas and living room space.

The Sea Pride animated aqua theme. The colour palette integrated tints and shades of blue. The table was divided into two parts – one half of the space was for a children’s bedroom whereas the other could be used in beachside restaurants. The cushions for the children’s bedroom had animated creatures like dolphins, seahorse, and jellyfish. Whereas the space for the beachside restaurant was styled with flute glasses and cushion with an octopus on it. The table runner resembled the shape of ocean waves which added to the vibe of the aqua theme.

Kashmiriyat was an ode to Kashmir and was designed for a living space. The colour palette had shades of yellow and red. 3 different types of customized hand-embroidered cushions with different colours were placed on display. The plate wall hangings were made of papier-mache. The table runner was a Pashmina shawl with Kashmiri thread work and Kashmiri shawl was added for decoration. The space was decorated for a living space.


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