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Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

An interior stylist is a creative professional working in the creative fields of a TV show or a magazine. Often referred to as interior designers and interior decorators, the roles and responsibilities of an interior stylist are often misinterpreted

Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

Beginning a career as an interior stylist.

Before we head on to understand the pathway to build a successful career as an interior stylist, let us try to grasp what an interior stylist specifically does. With a passion for creating gorgeous spaces, an interior stylist typically adds, edits or collates items in a given space to establish a desired mood and essence in the room without making any structural changes. An interior stylist in today’s day and age has also ventured into home design focussing primly on the color and fabric of elements in the house.

How to begin a career as an interior stylist?

1. Is it necessary to have formal training? Absolutely not. An inclination towards designing and a hogger to keep up with the latest trends is all it takes to design a career as an interior stylist. Nonetheless, numerous institutes offering formal education like a diploma or a bachelor’s degree to become a qualified stylist.

Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

A passion for styling is all it takes

2. Create your design portfolio: A career as an interior stylist is an enduring one. To be able to recognize oneself as a potential interior stylist, an enticing design portfolio is a must. Whether you are assisting another stylist or are a freelance stylist, gather the images of the spaces you design.

3. Style your own house: It is difficult to find yourself placed in an established design firm. So begin styling the interior of your own house. This allows you to experiment with different styles at minimum expenditure.

Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

Design your own house to gain experience

4. Experience is key: Whether you are formally trained or not in the field of interior styling, gaining solid experience in the field goes a long way, without any doubt. Working with established firms and experienced professionals adds to the creative skills and knowledge and can help thrive in the industry with more success.

Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

Freelancing as a stylist

5. Expand your network: Creative industry is a tough nut to crack, especially if one is trying to make one’s way into the nucleus of the industry. Constant effort at building cordial relationships with people in the creative industry has proven to benefit every aspiring creative professional including interior stylists. This includes attending events and discussions where the chances of you growing your network are high. Not to mention, this is a vital step for a freelance stylist to increase his business.

Interior Stylist - How to begin your career?

Expand your network

An interior stylist completes the circle of a design team. Be it a TV show, a magazine, or a house, the creative skills a stylist displays cannot be overlooked. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the premier design institutes in Bengaluru that recognizes the significance of such professionals and works towards creating more and more potential professionals in the design industry through various courses it offers.

Interior Stylist – How to begin your career?